Coronavirus Thread

I work at a capital one corporate campus, doing cafeteria stuff for them. All the cap 1 people are being told to work from home if they can until further notice.

They did a test of their Network on Monday, to see if they could handle everyone logging in remotely. It was a ghost town at work. We made like...200 bucks maybe? It was wack. If that's how it's going to be moving forward it's going to be hard for my company to justify having all of us there full time.
Whoa. Had NOT heard this.
They announced it during the Mavs-Nuggets game. They kept the game going and it was pretty surreal. Rudy Gobert, a player for the Jazz, tested positive for it, which was the impetus. Other players on the Jazz are apparently sick as well, but haven't been tested yet.

Also, a few days ago, Gobert went to touch every single announcer's microphone as a joke about the virus.
It's not going away. The WHO just declared it a pandemic. Italy has shut down, as in every citizen has been ordered to stay home. The 7th largest economy just turned off. In Canada we are expecting 35 to 70 percent of the population to contract it. Of those that contract it 10 percent will require hospitalization, if that occurs all at once Canada will be overwhelmed like Italy. What terrifies me is that the US government appears to be actually fighting against stopping the virus for purely political reasons. I was shocked to learn today that the outbreak in Seattle was only discovered by the state health officials breaking federal laws and instructions. I fully expect Canada to restrict travel to the US shortly. Economically, global recession or depression seems almost assured.
And now the Trump administration is banning travel to/from a couple dozen European countries for an entire month, starting Friday.

The linked CNN article said:
The ban also does not apply to all of Europe but to nations in the Schengen zone. That includes Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

What this means: [only] Americans and US permanent residents who are in Europe will still be allowed to fly to Europe and be allowed back into the United States during this 30-day period. They will simply be screened upon entry to the United States and face quarantine or restrictions on their movement in the US for 14 days. However, it is not clear whether airlines will still fly the routes if passenger demand from European nationals dries up because of the ban.
He certainly does not appear disappointed about having to do so.



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Whoa. Tourism has been hit hard in Thailand. And now hundreds of monkeys are rampaging through the streets looking for food.

This is such a movie thing, only real.
My department just directed us to test our remote setup. They said it's just a precaution, but since our county is the source of the infected person who touched Congress people at the CPAC, there's no telling. Since there's no extensive testing. Because there's a toddler at the helm and the grown-ups want to let him do what he pleases.
Doctors around here have been ordered to write everyone home with any symptoms appearing to be in anyway nose, throat or ear related. Yes, that means everyone with a good cold has to stay at home for a minimum of 7 days.


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I'm waiting on my university to tell us all to stay home for two weeks. I think the NBA season and the administration finally making some fucking moves might be the tipping point.

This move wouldn't affect me at all since I'm salaried and I can work remotely with no issues. But there are several people here that can't do that. Security personnel, custodians, and some student-facing employees just can't do their jobs remotely and most are hourly. I'm concerned what happens to them.
Two good take aways from Wednesday; the NBA and Tom Hanks. Tragic yes, but for some reason people react more to celebrities getting infected than listen to doctors. And the NBA is a sign that strong leadership does exist in America.

Two terrible take aways. POTUS speech was so bad last night, it had corrections put out before he finishes speaking. The markets saw absoulutely nothing good in what he said or how he said it and tanked overnight. Expect to see trading halted today.

Secondly the American government has classified all talks about the virus. Which will reault in two horrible side effects: they have the ability to hide from the public their terrible decision making and more crucial, it removes the experts from the conversation. Very few if any pathology and viral experts have top secret code word clearance.

Stay safe eveyone.
Doctors around here have been ordered to write everyone home with any symptoms appearing to be in anyway nose, throat or ear related. Yes, that means everyone with a good cold has to stay at home for a minimum of 7 days.
I got sick friday, with what was surely a cold. I have been working from home ever since.
I've been walking around with seasonal allergies trying my damnedest to not look like I'm sick while out and about. Colorado confirmed cases doubled between Tuesday and Wednesday, so I guess things are about to get interesting.
I am openly wondering what is going to happen on Monday when MPS gets back from spring break. We do not, if you recall, currently have a superintendent (Thanks Dr. EMBEZZLER-Conley), so I have NFC if they might cancel classes.

And even so, one of my routes isn't a district route.


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A coworker has been sitting on 2000 P95 masks for years that he got by virtue of nobody wanting them and them lying around at the end of a construction job. They were just going to get thrown out, so he loaded them up in his truck and put them in storage.

Yesterday he sold them to the county for $10 each.

Nice little windfall there.
Two department heads in our dental school came out to tell us we aren't cancelling shit and are following the CDC and Manatee county guidlines. UF dental and NOVA dental already shut down, but, not us. Welp.


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Were that me and I had those I'd find a hospital or medical place that needed them and just fucking give them to them. War profiteering and profiting from the misery of others is evil and wrong.
Also have seen MLS has suspended their season, NHL appears to be ready to announce after their 1pm owners meeting, and all golf tournaments through The Masters will be held without spectators.

Would be more surprised to see MLB *not* push back the start of the season honestly