Coronavirus Thread


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Also, coughing is not the main symptom of the Omicron variant. Instead, it’s sore throat, runny nose, headache, and fatigue. Your client probably has a run-of-the-mill cold.
Uh....uh oh. That's been me the last few days. I'm getting my booster today. Maybe I should get a rapid test instead.
They were. And then everyone bought multiple for themselves before the holidays to see if it was safe to meet with family (spoiler alert: it wasn’t!) and now there’s a shortage again.
I've been scouring stores for them where I can. Then everyone caught it and I realized they're moot.
for some bizarre reason she wanted everybody to participate in some sort of party game that involved putting 30+ votive candles single file with prizes to the side
I blame TikTok:

I almost want to believe that inventing this stuff is what the "Your gangster name is your mother's maiden name and the name of your first pet" people do during their off-season.



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Two things of note. First, I got my booster yesterday. My arm is hurting and my head is pounding. Can't take any headache medications because of my liver so I'm toughing it out.

The second thing is that Douglas County is implementing an emergency mask mandate starting tomorrow. So I guess I get to start masking up again!
So, I recently returned from my Christmas holiday in Finland to mandatory 7-day entry quarantine, stuck in a hotel room. I was supposed to get out tomorrow morning.

Guess whose final PCR test came back positive this morning (no symptoms whatsoever), and so gets to spend a minimum of 10 more days in quarantine in a different hotel?

Got my booster three days ago. The day of, felt normal other then a sore arm. Second day was weirder, with lots of fatigue and had some struggles eating dinner, just lacked appetite. Got a few extra hours of sleep in, and now today I feel normal again.
One of my fellow teachers is pissed.

We have a school of 1400+, so we get a basic email almost everyday warning us that a student or staff member tested positive for Covid. It doesn't matter if that student is actually in your class; we just get broad, uselessly vague emails alerting us that someone may have had Covid.

Well, a lot of places around here (especially anything medical) refuses to allow people entry if they have ANY exposure notices from work. One of my co-workers can't see her doctor for a check-up and prescription refill unless she goes 10 days without an exposure notice. And like I said, we get them 3-5 times a week. So she's shit outta luck with her medicine.

On one hand, I feel like her doctor should make some kind of accomodation to help her out. On the other, I feel like our school is not helping anyone with these broad, vague emails daily.
Man, I'm getting tired of finding out people I like are shitty.

Hogan has a long, LONG history of being a dirtbag for multiple reasons. This doesn't surprise me in the least.
Really? That's a surprise for you?
It's a blow when you discover a favored celebrity turns out to be a jerk/idiot/racist/whatever.
But there's always the hope that maybe it was just the one thing, y'know? And they're otherwise decent.
So the original blow is compounded when you find out no, there was more.
And more.

And still more.

Daily local infections in Taiwan have been hovering around the 10-20 mark, while there are between 50-100 imported cases every day. This has been the situation for about a week or more, so everyone's not quite sure what's happening next. The government's been able to track the sources of every local infection so far, and has successfully quarantined everyone who tests positive, so it's not like las time where we had a few unexplained cases that led to a massive outbreak. But nonetheless people in Taiwan are nervous.

Also, we have a fairly decent vaccination rate now (somewhere around 80% for 1 dose, over 70% for 2 doses, and we're working on giving people a third dose now, currently at approximately 5%), so there's a perception that the government might not lock down this time and trust the vaccine to keep the general population safe.

On a more personal note, our company's year-end banquet, which was supposed to take place the coming Saturday, has been canceled. This is disappointing because every year's banquet has a special theme, and my hot female colleagues often dress up.