[Brazelton] David Koch dead at 79

I was always flabbergasted that he was personally a liberal, but funded so many damaging conservative causes.
He was at best a libertarian. He might not have personally been bigoted but he'd rather fund bigotry than risk losing even a small portion of his wealth. What you are in your heart is irrelevant in the face of what your actually do.
In all seriousness, I hope that PBS continues to get as much funding for shows like Nova after his death. I may have hated his policies and the effect he had on our government, but he gave a shit ton of money to educational public broadcasting.
I know there's one of the two that is WAY worse than the other (they both suck). Is he the less shitty one or the more shitty one?


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I mean, yeah he funded a lot of the arts and educational television, but he also has vehemently campaigned for destroying the planet. So in my estimation the bad far, FAR outweighs the good.
Notice how I didn't say "Awww, I'll miss him because he donated to PBS" or anything like that? I'm not defending him, or saying that some of his good deeds offset his bad ones. I'm just saying I hope whoever inherits his wealth continues to donate the same large amounts to PBS and other good causes.