Former President Trump Thread

it just never ends. THIS is what needs to play in every ad. Fucking Democrats don't know how to show just how fucked up these people are.
This is a picture purportedly taken in Boones Mill, VA:


Yes, that is a police car parked out front.
No word on whether it's there just as a precaution or whether they actually stopped to go shopping there.

Police car looks like an 80s Camaro. Those kind of cars are usually from confiscations and are often used for community event-type stuff, no?
[NOTE: All statements I put in quotes below are paraphrases, not actual quotes, they are just quoted to show that Trump was saying them]

Trump on drugs:

"Drug dealers deserve a quick trial and then the death penalty, just like those other countries where they have no drug problem, like China, Saudi drug problem whatsoever. Kill them all and that will solve it."

Trump on government (on States' autonomy?):

"We don't have time to wait for a Governor to take action, we need to just send in the National Guard and restore order right away."
And mass shootings? What about them?
"Send the National Guard into the nation's hottest trouble spots to occupy them and restore order--which will happen very quickly."

SO: Trump's plan to make America great again boils down to:
  1. Death penalty for everyone who defies the will of the State.
  2. Boots everywhere. A brand new economy, in fact, based on whether you own boots, or whether the boots own you.
Dude is freaking out because the Justice Department is finally doing a criminal investigation into him. He is trying to rile up the base even more in the hopes they will save him someday.
Well his full statement makes it clear he intentionally didn’t endorse either and that he “trusts the judgment of the people of missouri.”


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"In 13 studies including over 10,000 participants, we tested how Americans’ prejudice changed following the political ascension of Donald Trump. We found that explicit racial and religious prejudice significantly increased amongst Trump’s supporters, whereas individuals opposed to Trump exhibited decreases in prejudice. Further, changing social norms appear to explain these changes in prejudice. "

Changes in Americans’ prejudices during the presidency of Donald Trump

I wonder if there's any connection to...
At first I didn't think anything would really come of the texts because I couldn't imagine why anyone would have Alex Jones inside their inner circle. Then it was pointed out to me that Alex Jones had intimate texts with Roger Stone and some key senators in the GOP, and I was like this could be big.

There was a big effort to clean up whatever they were doing. So many text messages and emails have disappeared. If some of those texts / email chains show up in Alex Jones' phone data and reveal incriminating information that the other people deleted, then the people who conspired will not only be hit with conspiracy, but also for the cover-up as well.

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I wonder if there's any connection to...

There's no way they'd raid him now without having something absolutely concrete to nail the bastard with.
Don't get TOO excited, I read the article and it looks like this was planned between the FBI and Secret Service because the National Archives didn't think Trump actually gave up all the classified documents he scurried away to Mar-A-Lago after leaving office, so they sent the FBI in to basically make sure to seize all of it. Oh, it could be really bad for Trump, since I have a big feeling there was a REASON he took and hid many of those documents, but the FBI raid was not for anything involving his more serious crimes yet, they might just get some good shit by proxy though.
The mental gymnastics of the same crowd who is STILL chanting "Lock her up" and "but her e-mails" going "looking into his lack of proper handing over of documents and putting secret documents on non-secure servers and in non-secure facilities is a disastrous and tyrannical overreach of the government" are truly of a level even Simone Biles can only dream of.