Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

Choices were made.

Maybe a dozen beers will go farther than a dozen cheap ass flowers.

Marriage Counselor: "What is your wife's favorite flower?"

Husband: "Pillsbury All Purpose."


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Eh, if the "whack" is at the very end of a standard broom with long-stranded straw bristles, I've found those to be basically "annoying love tap" levels of whacking power to most small critters.
He knows it, too. He is doing the thing.
Actually, at the time I read it, I remembered that it was a reference to something, I just couldn't remember to what, and my brain came up with TT first. It wasn't until after you and Pez said something that I remembered oh yeah, them also. So if I was DTTA, I was even doing it to myself.