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When I started to teach my son how to use a driver, the first thing he tried to do was "Happy Gilmore" the ball. :facepalm:
In high school, a friend of mine tried to "Happy Gilmore" at the driving range and wrenched the ever living shit out of his back. He was on meds and bed rest for like 2 weeks per doctor's orders. So naturally being the good pal I was, I went to blockbuster and rented all the weirdest oddball shit I could find and made him watch it because he couldn't get up to change it or get away.

Like, I actually found a VHS copy of "Moron Movies." It is by far the second worst thing I have ever watched.

90 MINUTES of that. Excruciating.
I actually found a VHS copy of "Moron Movies."
Oh, man. I remember those from the bloopers show. The only one I can remember by name is “Pea Abuse,” where cooked peas are nailed to a wall.

I hope you also made him watch Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again because oh boy what a trip.

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Oh look, Sheet Music Boss (the composer of the infamous meme-song Rush E) has made a sequel.

If you thought Rush E was the soundtrack for the final boss fight of the internet... this is what plays when his name changes and his health bar grows back a different color.