Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

Lol, he's not going to jail.

Literally says he's never heard of the Proud Boys and doesn't believe government intel on them being a hate group. El. Oh. El.
He contradict himself in his own statement. How can he not believe them being a hate group if he has never heard of them?


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Didn't know where else to put this:

News flash that surprises nobody - Nextdoor and the like make society objectively worse

Speaking of AOC, she went to the Met Gala with an dress made by an immigrant fashion designer. Ignoring the people of course bitching that she dared to go to an expensive event, there were a ton of people saying "The woman who made her dress came from Canada!"

Yes, Karen, it might be hard to grasp but when someone from another country immigrates to the US, they are called an immigrant. Hard to grasp when it's not the southern border, I know, but I am sure you can manage.
Just to kind of continue on this, the hypocrisy and double standards is always what gets to me. Like, a few days ago was Mexican Independence Day, and so many people here in the south were bitching about people flying the Flag of Mexico and that it's "un-american". I go to some random profiles of these people and the top banner is the Confederate Flag most of the time, and I just want to scream.
As much as you wish it was bro, the Confederacy isn't America. In fact, it's less "American" then Mexico, because at least Mexico STILL EXISTS on the Americas. Fuck.
Well, now that the virulent hooping and hollering racists have been soundly tromped down and Canadian politics can go back to being boring, can I ask you downsouthers something? WHY IS THIS STILL A THING!?

And why do they look like Enterprise era mirror universe admirals?
It's still a thing because there isn't enough political will to dismantle it. The Air Force big wigs don't have the pull to reabsorb the space mission after spending the last decade fighting for weapons that have proven to be worthless (F-22 and F-35) while fighting against proven systems (A-10 and F/A-18 Super Hornets) that could be updated or redesigned for their missions. They did this because the 22 and 35 were expensive to produce and thus ensured the generals in charge cushy jobs at Lockheed-Martin when they retired. This is all but confirmed with the roll-out of the Block 3 Super Hornets and talk of A-10 Super Warthogs: Washington wants weapons that are proven successes and cost effective. Lockheed-Martin and the rest can eat shit until they come up with something that actually works. Hell, there is actually talk of letting the ARMY start flying planes...

To put it bluntly, the Space Force is here to stay. It's budget is going to be peanuts because no one wants it, but since the Air Force spent the last 20 years embarrassing themselves in Washington, there is nothing we can do about it.
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There's a meme going around about the disposal of used wind turbine blades at a landfill in ND. There's a lot to it, but basically the blades are built in a manner that makes them nearly impossible to recycle - fiberglass and carbon fiber are incredibly difficult to break down to usable parts. Basically, the blades are among the 10% of the typical wind turbine that can't be recycled.

That doesn't sound all that great, until you consider that your average new car has 14% of its content that can't be recycled.

I swear man, the night when every one of us products of colonialism is awoken to knives slitting our throats I won't even be mad.
Good, we need to start forcing these programs to reveal themselves every damn day as "Entertainment" and stop letting them coast on the line where they act like bastions of truth on television and then claim they are just actors in court.
I haven’t watched any of The Problem with Jon Stewart yet, but I presume that will apply to JS as much as it does to JO.

I'm pretty sure John Oliver brings more factual news than all of Fox put together these days.
And let there be no doubt: JO is entertainment, not a news anchor.
It helps that his scripts are researched and the facts are often well-cited right on the program. Similar to Adam Ruins Everything. Sure, the end result is to get laughs, but they're really informative, largely factional pieces. (Adam Ruims Everything made the odd mistake but owned up to it).
I mean what happened was that 20000 students demanded that he be fired for a dumb reason, the school suspended him for three weeks (presumably with pay, during summer break when there was no teaching anyways), and then decided it was dumb and declared that he did nothing wrong. All of his damages are fallout from the bad publicity, which is hard to blame on the school. If that many students are against a single professor, it’s probably worth it to look into it.