Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats


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I had to attend an after-hours work social gathering last night. It was excruciating listening to a dude from another department mutter over his beer about how his 23 year old daughter, who has come out as non-binary, won't speak to him anymore because "apparently I'm a fascist." Who then went on to outline all his political views which were all fascist dog whistles.

Boy am I glad that guy isn't in my department.

And yes, he definitely lived up to the stereotype of how those who aspire to the "master race" look. He looks like somebody put a grey crew cut on a blob fish, with a physique a Gru cosplayer would envy.
Was he wearing one of those "tough guy" t-shirts? You know, the ones with screaming eagles on them and some threatening message such as "stomp my flag, I eat your ass."


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Chet there isn't far off, though this guy is much pastier.

And no, he was still in work-casual clothes. I don't know how he dresses on his own time because I try to interact with him as little as possible. Even before I learned of his odious political leanings, he always was kind of an ass. He was the security guy I griped about probably 6 months or so ago who was being anal about my department's control of our own spaces so that product "didn't get stolen" when, without Security's help, we'd already been operating for years with $3+ million in product in our space any given day with none of it ever going missing.

Jerk turned out to be an even bigger jerk, what a surprise.

Can't help but notice a correlation.
Looks like this rule didn't do a good enough job of stopping these women. World Athletics votes to cut the level of "acceptable" testosterone in half. All existing athletes with DSD need to be at the new lower level for 6 months before they're eligible to compete again. Did I mention that they got no prior notice that this was going to happen & the change to the rules was announced 5 months before the next World Athletics Championships, serving as a de-facto ban?

Can't read the article - the cookie blocker won't load and 12ft is disabled for the site - but... Really? "I can't read without my glasses"? He hasn't worn his glasses in days, I suppose?
"see no evil, hear no evil" isn't about willfully plugging your ears and going la-la-la. This is yet another step beyond "no comment" or ignoring annoying journalists.
I'm sorry, "I can't read so I don't know" just makes you an accessory to the fact. Condemning a literal call to violence shouldn't be hard.
To be fair, any speech writer he hires will then have immediate ties to an infamous neo-nazi.
Apparently a disaster is going on in Ohio and nobody is talking about it?
Most of us already know this was a train derailment near East Palestine, OH that spilled vinyl chloride and killed a bunch of wildlife, but we still don't know exactly how it happened.
...nor will we since the cab footage has apparently since been accidentally recorded over. Whooops!