Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

Buried on page 14 of a letter that two Democratic senators sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday [...] was an astonishing list of dozens of “likely undisclosed gifts and income” from [Harlan] Crow, Crow’s affiliated companies, and “other donors.”
Well! That's...interesting. Especially since the Russia trips (plural) were two of the oldest in that list.



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Trump will meet with Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister and autocrat, at Mar-a-Lago. Last week, Orbán met with Putin in Moscow. While Trump and Putin had professed a fondness for one another during his first term, Orbán has since sought close ties to Trump, expressing a belief that a new Trump presidency was the “only serious chance” for an end to the war in Ukraine. Trump, meanwhile, has continued to repeatedly claim he’ll end the war between Russia and Ukraine “in 24 hours” if he’s elected president again – a claim that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russia’s United Nations ambassador have disputed. (Time / ABC News / New York Times / Politico / Bloomberg / The Guardian)

The Senate Judiciary Committee will conduct a review of the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity ruling, arguing that “Congress cannot turn a blind eye to it.” The meeting, however, won’t happen until September. Nevertheless, Dick Durbin said the hearing will consider “the immediate legal and policy ramifications” of the Supreme Court’s decision to grant Trump immunity for “official acts” he took as president. (NBC News / HuffPost / The New Republic)