Generative Art

Back when I had the covers for my books made, I had a hard time conveying my vision to artists of exactly the size and general look of Berry, the little forest imp. Media has really converged on what "imps" "fairies" "gnomes" and the like should look like.

In my mind was a little mouse-sized creature that was brown and looked twig-like or wood-like so it could have good camouflage in a forest. And while the artists at the time struggled to get it exactly right, AI has done a pretty good job of it.

The image I *wanted* to go with had the imp and the mushroom stalk more differentiated in color. But Midjourney took a big ol' shit yesterday and I lost half the stuff I generated that day. Even is missing them, and it's supposed to have a record of all of your creations. I had to fish this out of my browser cache.

forest imp small b.jpg


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From one of my AI gen support discords -


Oh honey... that is not an early 2000s meme. That is an early 2010s meme. Early 2000s memes look like this.

I told the AI to make a crocodile. It decided all it's own to make that crocodile biting a boat in half that had an anime girl in it lol

I've been making "hand drawn style" african wild animals lately...this is what Midjourney thought a rhinoceros was...
And it wasn't even a weird prompt: " a rhinoscerous side view, dirt background --niji 5 --ar 2:3"