Took my blood sugar this morning. 342. WTF?! I couldn't figure it out. All I'd had last night were a couple frozen burritos.

So, I look at the nutrition label..usually they're not too bad. These walmart burritos? 97g carbs EACH. I'm not supposed to eat more than about 20 in a sitting. So I ate 10 times that amount. Fucking hell.
Academy didn't have a dip bar. They had an over-door pullup bar, but I've got a whole covered patio that I'm not using in this apartment, so I'm pretty sure that next payday I'm ordering this thing. The Recommended Routine has pullups, dips, and rows (which I can do on this machine by putting some rings on the pullup bar portion.

If you’re gonna get some rings, might I suggest a setup like this:


along with some daisy chains or hammock straps. The extra couple bucks is worth the ease in adjustments IMO


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Woke up this morning and stepped on the scale with some dread. I finished my gig last night and did what I always do - got them late-night Golden Arches. I tell ya, fast food tastes amazing late-night after a gig!

Anyway, I figured I did a bad thing but I hadn't eaten much the rest of the day, so...179.6 pounds. I broke the 180 barrier. Finally.

Late night McD AND setting a new goal weight? Score and score!
Decided to wait on the big workout equipment that I linked elsewhere.
Instead, I got Ring Fit Adventure.

25 year old me would have scoffed at this shit. 52 year old me is having trouble jogging 500 yards. So, I'll do this for a while until I feel like I can not be wasting money buying something more expensive.
Day 2: Jogged 4/10 of a mile (.643km).

The adventure/game aspect really does help you to keep going when you'd otherwise look around, see no one caring, and quit early because your legs are tired. I'm feeling mighty pathetic at the moment, but I spent a lot of years getting this feeble. Gotta start somewhere.
about 6 months ago, I was 230. But since selling the house and moving into an apt, I've been door dashing a lot. Got up to 240.
So I started Hello Fresh because for the first 6 months I'm paying about $10.00 per meal, which is cheaper than door dash and I can choose low-carb lower-calorie meals. Between that and the Ring Fit Adventure, I'm back down to 235.