Meanwhile, I gained back the weight I lost because I just gave up on eating better. Haven't been exercising as often, either. I really fell off the wagon. I'm back up to around 240 lbs.

But I've also been stressed and depressed in the last few months. Best I can describe it as is "functionally depressed." I'm still going to work, but that's pretty much it. I'm finding no joy in anything.
Another Lazy Sunday -- 50.5 miles (80.5km) Somehow the day took a lot longer than planned. Part of it, of course, is doing something besides just "stay on the bike, keep pedaling"; and part of it was just being slow(er than normal).
I was more than halfway through today's ride when I starting thinking "boy, my right pedal feels really odd, I wonder what's wrong?" I look down and realize that it's nearly broken in half. There was enough of it left that I was able to get home without having to throw up the white flag and call for a ride. Unfortunately, it does mean no big rides until I get it fixed. I was hoping to get a sense of how hard touring would be by doing another long ride tomorrow, but that's going to have to wait.

62.8 miles (101 km) today
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So, I've been wearing the same pants...I figure they aren't worn out, and why buy new jeans if I'm still losing weight. Well, I sent out some pictures from Irish music last Sunday and someone really didn't like how baggy my jeans were. So they got me some. 32" waist and they fit! they're even a little loose.
I don't think I've worn 32" jeans since the 1990s

I had a good ride yesterday in spite of discovering a problem 1 mile from my destination:
road closed 2023-12-03.jpg

The only alternative to bridge would have been a 60-mile detour, which, considering I was already 50 miles into the day, was not a viable option. It was a relatively ambitious day for me, just not that ambitious.

haulover century 2023-11-03.jpg

Since I had to change plans, I went looking for birds in the middle of nowhere: