[Announcement] Happy 2021!

2021 has started with me listening to Iris followed by realizing that The Office is gone from netflix. It's already been a ride.
No fireworks here. Which is weird. There's a guy who lives around the corner from me who always shoots of shit-tons of illegal fireworks every chance he gets.

So quiet tonight.
In all seriousness, Halforums, you guys saved my house and quite Frankly me when I was at my lowest point in my life during this wWwonderfulLl year. That's something positive about 2020 I'll never forget.
Pretty much the same. Thanks so much to everyone. With all your help I exited the year in better shape than I started it. And a LOT better shape than I started the second half of it.
One last time zone to go before we can completely slam the door in the face of that piece of shit year. The last places left are the uninhabited Baker and Howland Islands.