[Thread Game] Inspirobot

So instead of playing Jackbox or other games with my friends tonight, one of them introduced us to Inspirobot.

"What is Inspirobot?" You ask? Well, you are incredibly helpful, person I am making say exactly what I want, it is a website that has a bunch of random images that it then puts random, pseudo-motivational sayings to. The sayings are all computer generated, so quite frequently will come up with some really weird images.

"Can I provide some examples?" Once again, you are as on-script as you are sexy! Of course I can!


Go make some of your own!
Hmm, the generate button isn't pressable for me.
Here, I went to the page and pushed it "for GasBandit," and this is what I got:


I swear I did not push it multiple times until I got something suitable, either. I only pushed it the once.