[Brazelton] Kevin Conroy

I saw a Tweet of his... sometime in the past two weeks, and he did not look healthy. I'm so sad to see this was the reason why.

Kevin Conroy was not my 1st Batman, but to me, he was always the best Batman. No live action actor has yet to portray the depth and gravitas in both Batman and Bruce Wayne that Conroy could do with just his voice. He could keep both personas so individual and yet, it didn't feel like they weren't part of the same person. We may never get a Dark Knight as good as the one he gifted us.
Same as you, Nick. Had no idea. Didn't even know this was coming.
His portrayal of Batman was not the one we deserved, but it was definitely the one we needed.

Too fucking young, it's almost impossible for me to not hear his voice when reading a comic. The man was a legend, and pioneer for queer actors, he will be missed.
Kevin Conroy is probably for most the definitiv Batman. His sudden passing is shocking since nothing about his condition was made public.