[MLB] Manfred's 30-man Band (MLB Thread!)

Sorry, Cheesy.

EDIT: of course, what's going to happen is the Brewers are going to lose the first game at LA, then win game two before getting blown out in game three.

  • Toronto (8) at Tampa Bay (1)
  • NY Yankees (5) at Cleveland (4)
  • Houston (6) at Minnesota (3)
  • Chicago White Sox (7) at Oakland (2)
  • Milwaukee (8) at LA Dodgers (1)
  • St. Louis (5) at San Diego (4)
  • Miami (6) at Chicago Cubs (3)
  • Cincinnati (7) at Atlanta (2)
Tampa in 3
Cleveland in 3
Cleveland in 5

Houston in 2
Oakland in 3
Houston in 5

Houston in 6

Dodgers in 3
Padres in 3
Padres in 5

Cubs in 2
Atlanta in 3
Cubs in 5

Padres in 6

Padres in 6
RIP Jay Johnstone. :(

His family noted that Johnstone's time of death Saturday occurred around the same time Dodger Stadium was plunged into darkness because of a power outage.

"He may have had a hand in it or a victory lap of remembrance," said Rick Monday, Johnstone's former teammate and current Dodgers broadcaster.
That would be just like him. :D
This might be more appropriate for the politics section but every time I hear the name "Hunter Pence" my brain locks up for like 10 seconds before I can function again. I hope he has a good retirement and I never hear about him again.
Something/someone nearby: "Hunter Pence!"
Blots: "Why'd you say that name? You promised me that you would never say that name!"
S/SN: "What, Hunter Pence?"
B: "Aaaigh!"

Prop bet certainty of the week: if the Astros make it to the World Series, the first pitch of game 1 will be a hit-batsman.
Literally the most perfect thing someone can do in baseball. When I was in Pittsburgh I went to the Forbes field home plate and the marker for where the ball landed.
That one home run is essentially the reason why Bill Mazeroski is in the Hall of Fame.
From his wikipedia entry:
"Mazeroski will forever be known as the guy who hit that World Series home run, but that doesn't do him justice," said Paul Ladewski, a former Pirates beat reporter and longtime Hall of Fame voter. "His is one of the great American Dream stories in sports history, that of a self-made athlete who beat long odds through a tireless work ethic and an uncommon passion for the game to achieve greatness."

I was gonna post but forgot, his Wikipedia page definitely looks like it was written by someone with a connection to him.