[MLB] Manfred's 30-man Band (MLB Thread!)

The Padres just keep choking. Weathers is a bum and consistently gets smacked around. This was supposed to be another playoff season but this is just another late-season collapse like in 2019.
So. 50 years ago today, something happened in Pittsburgh. No one paid attention to it at the time, but it turned out to be pretty damn significant.

And it probably pisses off a lot of Trump supporters if you mention it.

I'll let @DarkAudit reveal the answer. Hint: Al Oliver was the key.
Another hint? Geez. Well, take a look at this lineup:

R. Stennett, 2b
G. Clines, cf
R. Clemente, rf
W. Stargell, lf
M. Sanguillen, c
D. Cash, 3b
A. Oliver, 1b
J. Hernandez, ss
D. Ellis, p

Those guys put up a 10-spot on the Phillies that night at Three Rivers Stadium.

No, it wasn't the first game the Pirates played at their somewhat-new digs.
Of course, my best hope would be for the Giants to win it all. But a close second would be for them to take the NL West title and have the Dodgers be eliminated in the Wild Card game.