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Tomorrow will be the first time I'm in the office in a year. We have our big meeting to see what's going on in the university. But nobody gives a fuck about that. All anyone cares about is "how much is our bonus this year?"
All anyone cares about is "how much is our bonus this year?"
We have reported record profits, record margins, exceeding-expectations growth figures, we've grown more than the market, we're happy happy good boys; meanwhile we're cutting jobs and closing down depots to reduce costs, we can't get laptops etc, there's a hiring freeze... The dividends are way up, and everyone has already been told not to expect too much of a bonus because of the "difficult economic situation". Erm, what? Yeah, the economy may suck, but if we're outperforming all our competitors and making the biggest profit ever, that kind of goes out the window.
Only talking about us regular people bonusses of course, management and up get a separate yearly bonus. Which may or may not be slightly higher.


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And my gig tonight payed me $500. I told them I usually make $500-600 on a Friday/Saturday night but I was only charging them $200. If they felt like tipping that was cool. And he gave me $500. Score!

I did earn that money, though. It was probably one of the toughest wedding gigs I've ever done. The crowd was very eclectic. Lots of old country, lots of obscure bluegrass. Meanwhile others wanted newer stuff while others wanted 80's & 90's. It took forever to get anything going. They WANTED to party, but every time I got a foothold the wedding party would request something off the wall that just derailed everything. It was a real challenge to fill the time. I got it done but at times I only had one or two songs in the queue and that's scary.
I wish Texas would give us the day off tomorrow.
lol I work at a Texas hospital where I'm considered employed by the state (you can guess the one). If a holiday falls on the weekend we don't get it, we only get holidays that are on a weekday. So July 4th? even though we work that day (I'm off yay) they don't get holiday pay for it edit: but I get 8 hours of PTO a month, 8 hours of sick time a month, and 8 hours for every recognized holiday (around 12 year) I can either take the money for or take as paid time off as long as I use it within a year
So, when I sold my house in May, I was imagining that I was getting in at near the peak of the housing bubble. My theory was that by the time my Texas lease runs out in 2022, lumber prices would have dropped, causing more housing to be built, easing the pressure on homebuying. Causing housing prices to drop back down.

Looks like maybe I got some of it right, so far.
I was married to a different woman entirely the last time I had any of it. I had a friend visiting from Canada, and it was available there then, and I had them bring me three bottles. This will be the third time I've ever owned it. I don't remember how I got ahold of my first bottle in my 20's around '95-96.
Woo hoo!

40th anniversary one. And yes, I have the original. Poor dude looks like he’s been to hell and back.
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And kitten gets a free box :)
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Still have my beloved Snuffles from when they first came out in '81! Much like yours, he is beaten up and well-loved, but still around! They made Snuffles to last (with a little assistance, but I don't think they planned on a small child... plucking it bald).
My boss caught me taking selfies for the kids with one of mine on a work trip with the airport polar bear up north. I take one of them on work trips and send the kids foolish pictures.

My original old guy is going bald.
So, a few days ago, I posted about how my Texas apartment complex basically fucked me on my move in.

The new place I found is better (though a couple hundred more expensive)..amazon lockers on site, valet trash pickup (they come get it daily from your door, rather than you having to trek to the dumpster), gated, etc. Well, the application went through, and I actually just signed a lease.

I have the lease and the movers have been directed to the new location. I've signed up for internet, electricity, and rental insurance. I've taken July 30th off work to coordinate the movers and begin the 2-day drive to Texas. Everything is in place.

All that's left to do is call the first apartment complex back and tell them to lick my balls and that I won't actually be signing a lease with them after all.