My feel good Christmas (Holidays for Charlie) story

So we normally can't afford too terribly much for Christmas for the kids, we get by but never really get them anything super awesome. Today/tonight my wife was talking to someone she knows that has a 14 year old kid and they can't afford Christmas even more than us. The kids trying to do odd jobs, etc to save up money to help out his family with Christmas and he wanted a Xbox 360 for himeslf for Christmas. We talked to our kids (11 9 and 7 going to be 12 9 and 8 next month) anyway, we told them their story and that the 14 yo really wanted a Xbox 360 and they all agreed to give him their 360 and all of the games they had for it. Now we just came about $350 ourselves (my dad is awesome it's Christmas money for me wife and kids (and wifes birthday)) and we are going to use that and a little extra from my next paycheck and buy our kids an Xbox One for Christmas (and when they open it we'll tell them that the reason they are getting it is because they helped out someone less fortunate) anyway. Feel good story makes you feel good.