[Brazelton] NO! Carl Reiner! RIP

I love all that stuff he did, but you do you.

Also at first glance I thought you said “Rob Reiner” and started out a slightly different flavor of upset.

Damn, I loved him in The Dick Van Dyke Show and the Ocean's trilogy and didn't even know they were the same man. RIP, Mr. Reiner.
Oh no! We were just talking about him, his son, and Mel Brooks a couple of days ago. (Mel just turned 94, which is why the subject came up.) Carl gave us so much amazing comedy over the years. What a life lived. :(
And another great film maker who left us.

I guess I watched most of his movies. Haven't watched Summer School in years though.
I'm going to have to go back and listen to all of the 2000 year old man albums again.
Of the 21 movies the IMDb says he has directed, I have seen:

All of Me
The Man With Two Brains
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Oh, and probably Oh God! as well, but the made-for-TV version.

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Can't say I'm too familiar with his work, but dude was 98 and tweeting anti-trump stuff to literally his dying day, so props to that.
I loved that Carl was not convincing enough to play himself on TV so they hired Dick Van Dyke to take over the roll.