Here's a little thing from me Dave, if it can be used.

Jeff Brown from Lufkin, Texas, USA:

Mikko was a friend, plain and simple. Even though I never had the pleasure to meet him face-to-face he made a difference to me and to all that he interacted with online. He always had a kind work for a new member, a joke for those that knew him, and even a rebuke when needed. I really came to know Mikko better during one of the Secret-Santa exchanges a few years back and found his love for the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and was able to give him one of the books he was missing from his collection. He will be missed, but never forgotten.
Alan from Taipei, Taiwan said:

My fondest memories of Mikko are from our shared line of work, namely languages and translation. Mikko would always be able to provide a perspective from a someone outside the English-speaking world, while also retaining a strong level of expertise and skill in translation and linguistics. In particular, I remember coming up with a Chinese name for a character he was writing, and the enjoyment we both derived from hiding clever references and subtle hints in the name.

Mikko was a man of humor, of wit, of kindness and of integrity. I will miss him.
Stienman and I both think it would be a good idea to give the money to Mikko's parents to use for a holiday somewhere.
Given that the final disposition of the funds has changed since we started accepting donations, PM me if you'd like your donation returned before we close donations.
Nick Piers from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada:

(Note: This is copy and pasting what I said about 4 pages ago in this thread. It's still the best way I can say what I feel.)

I'm incredibly sad, but this isn't something to be mourned. Do you know why? Because goddammit, that man fought for the last 2+ years and never let it beat him - at least mentally. At least on here, he always had a positive, fighting attitude about it, constantly trying to keep his spirits up and still doing his best to interact with us and showing how much he cared. I'm sure we've all heard of people who have either given up, lost hope, etc. But North Ranger? Never gave up. He would understandably get angry or upset when he was given bad news about his deteriorating health, but he kept fighting. Like a proud man with viking heritage should do.

His life isn't one to be mourned.

It's to be celebrated.
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Lisa Blair from Honolulu, Hawaii:

A few days ago I logged on to the Halforums message board just to waste a bit of time before I had to pick my children up from school. I thought I had started reading a very recent thread of messages and wanted to skim through them quickly to get to the newer posts. As I was scrolling down the screen, I saw a post that Mikko had made. My heart skipped a few beats. How could this be? For a moment I thought the news of his passing had been untrue because there was a post from him! Then I saw the date was actually from quite a while ago. It hurt and I cried all over again for the loss of our friend.
I miss Mikko's presence in our online community. I will miss his sense of humor, his pride in being from Finland, his loyalty to those he cared about, and his friendship. I will remember him, always.
Peggy from Saskatchewan, Canada:

Mikko was a wonderful person - funny, intelligent, caring, compassionate. I wish I could have known him better and I mourn his passing but I'm blessed for knowing him for the time I did. Thank you for raising such a wonderful man.
Ingo from Nuremberg, Germany:

I always loved to see Mikko online and read what he had to say. It was always a treat to see how passionate he talked about what was dear to him; sauna, the medieval festival, his bow and arrows, his family and friends, books and movies, his work. In all of his posts Mikko showed great passion and love and care for everything around him.
His humour and wit, his friendly and positive demeanour, his fiery passion and temperament I will never forget.
Kathleen from British Columbia, Canada:

Mikko was, first and foremost, a wholehearted person. His conversations with people were generally respectful, upbeat, passionate, and articulate. And from what I saw of him, he tried to do what was best for the community. I admire his sense of humour, his hopefullness, and his kindess. I wish I had gotten to know him better, and I will miss seeing him around.
Matt from Abbotsford B.C.

Mikko was one of the most positive people I have ever known. His attitude has helped me appreciate what I have and focus more on the good and less on the bad. We have lost the best and he will be sorely missed,
Jim from Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Through my interactions with Mikko, I learned that he was passionate about education, he was proud of all things Finnish, and he really seemed to embrace life. He always looked jovial and happy in his photos and his enthusiasm was spread throughout this website. I am glad to have known him, and wished I could have bought him a pint or two in person. Cheers Mikko.
Dale Anderson from Wisconsin, USA

I was never close to Mikko, but I felt like he was an omnipresent force here on the message boards. He was almost always in good spirits, even when he was going through hell. He is one of the few people that I've truely aspired to try to be a little bit more like. I don't think we would even exist as a community if he hadn't been one of the people here keeping us together with his good nature, friendly demeanor, and overall positive outlook.

I think the world is made poorer for his passing, but richer for his having lived in it.
David Nevarez from Turlock, California, U.S.A.

I knew Mikko by his internet alias, "North_Ranger." Over the years I got see him as a man who loved life to the fullest. Whether it was him talking about enjoying a good liqueur, posting pictures of himself in costume at the local medieval fair, joking around with other members of forum, etc. He was a guy who was jovial, artistic, and all around fun!

Then he revealed he was battling cancer. As a survivor of leukemia myself, I knew the hard battle he had ahead of him. But also I knew if anyone could beat it, "North_Ranger" could. As the years went on, he would update us on his treatment while still keeping his sense of humor and upbeat attitude. The last half year or so, his health became more ominous, and it saddened me so much to hear him talk about his pain. But even then he wouldn't let it stop his joking and happiness.

The news of Mikko's death affected me deeply. Even in his last days, I was so sure that he'd find a way to overcome his illness. His positive outlook on life seemed too strong to allow himself to be taken. "North_Ranger" was one of the bravest souls I've ever had the privilege to know , and I regret that I'll never be able to meet him in person. I can only hope that God allows me to meet him in Paradise when my turn comes, and I want to let his family and friends know that he was very special to us: his internet family. My condolences and prayers are with you.

I'll miss you, Mikko.
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Brian Paasch, Wisconsin, USA

It's hard for me to properly put into words exactly what Mikko meant to not just myself, but this website as a whole. Many others have already stated how his upbeat outlook on the forum and on life in general has made such an impact on the community. What he may have gained from us paled in comparison to what we received in return. He was and always will be the heart of this forum, a shining example of all the traits which make a great presence. While our little corner of the internet is dimmer without him here, each of our lives are brighter for having had him here.
David from Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Mikko was one of those who welcomed me here and helped make me a long-term part of this community. His kindness and good cheer were a really large part of the reason I kept coming back, and his fierce desire to do friendly (but determined) verbal battle in defense of pop culture and foods he loved made him a friend, comrade, and occasional light-hearted adversary. Looking back at the 12 years that has passed since I came here (including multiple different versions of this site) and the thousands of times that we've interacted, I can only say thank you to him, from the bottom of my heart, and that I am incredibly grateful to have known him even in such a minor fashion.

I often think about what is left of us after we are gone, and about what the measure of a person really is. If, like many wiser than me have said, the true measure of a person is the memories that we behind in the minds of friends and family, then I think we can safely say that Mikko's measure was very much one of love, respect, and joyful appreciation of life.

North_Ranger, good buddy, I will miss you intensely.
Mike, Saint Croix Valley, Minnesota, USA

Mikko, You will be sorely missed by everyone. Vaya Con Dios Buddy.
Dan Stephenson, from Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Mikko was one of the most genuine individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to encounter, in any capacity. He was open in his dealings with everyone, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He did not mince words - if he had issue with you, he would say so, and do so in a manner that left no doubt in your mind that there could be a way to reconcile without any bad feelings left.

His passion for his job and his hobbies was evident. Every post about his time at the Medieval Faire left me with a smile on my face. I loved learning about his country and it's rich history. I had been working with him on doing some form of police officer patch exchange, before events got in the way, and it was something that he seemed to be excited about, as well. His pride in Turku was strong, as well - he truly loved the place he called home.

When we found out about his illness, he kept us informed of everything as it happened, letting us know that he was bound and determined to beat this problem, no matter the cost. His strength of character and good cheer in the face of extreme adversity kept our own spirits up, half a world away, and kept us confident that if anyone would be able to rise above this, Mikko would.

Godspeed, sir. I am a better man for having known you, we are all touched by your spirit, and I hope that one day, we may meet again under better circumstances. H P.
Joseph from Wisconsin, USA;

I did not know Mikko very well, except as a member of these message boards. However, I do know all too well the pain of losing a loved one to cancer, and even more of the pain of losing someone close to you way too soon. His spirit and attitude toward life and his illness has been an inspiration for many on this part of the internet.

May he rest in peace, free from pain that is caused in this life, and may his family know of his love for them - a love that will last forever.


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Leslie from Louisiana, USA.

North Ranger--Mikko--was one of the posters who drew me to the forum. He is one of the people who could actually make me laugh out loud. I admired his gentleness and love of children, and it saddens me that he never got to have children of his own.
Mikko added so much to his community. His humor could break tension during an argument, and his deep love of Finland challenged me to think about my own homeland and always appreciate the good aspects of it.
When he began this battle with cancer, he was always brave and tried to accentuate the positive. It was an honor to be a small part of his journey, even if it was just to offer a bit of distraction during a hard time. I will miss him, and I'll never forget him. Even though we never met in person, he was truly a friend and someone I looked up to.

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Matt from Philadelphia, USA.

Mikko was one of those unique individuals who enriched the lives of everyone that had the pleasure of getting to know him. He was part of our internet family, and will be sorely missed. I would like to extend my condolences to Mikko's parents and family. I want you all to know that, although Mikko is gone, his good deeds and positive demeanor live on through us all. The world is colder place losing a person like Mikko, but we are all the better for having known him. Goodbye, my friend.


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Sean from Massachusetts, USA

My earliest foray into an Internet community was through the PvP forums, and Mikko was among the kind, welcoming folks that made me want to stay. It seemed as if he was always cheery, funny, and positive - even during his long battle with cancer. I admired and respected Mikko for the incredible courage he showed, and I looked to his example when I faced down serious kidney disease. While I never got to know Mikko as well as I wanted to, I felt a kinship with him, knowing we were both fighting difficult battles, and it hurts terribly that we both didn't come out with a win. Thank you for being an inspiration, Mikko, and more importantly, thank you for being a friend. You will be missed, but you will never be forgotten.
Kyle from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Mikko is an integral part of the community we've formed here. He welcomed all with open arms and an inviting smile, was courteous and brought a zeal with him to all his interactions, be it about pop culture, sauna or Finland, that was unmatched. Though we never met face to face, the genuineness of his character rang true in every connection made and we are all better for having known someone like him to aspire toward.

I think the sheer suddenness and almost naivety experienced surrounding his passing is a testament to just how well Mikko faced his situation, that we could have just short weeks ago been chatting, ribbing each other in good fun. In the back of our minds we all knew the hardships that he endured but with his jovial demeanor, his bravery and fortitude in the face of what he had been dealt, with each bit of news regarding the cancer, to me at least, it always felt "but this too shall pass.”

To his parents, thank you giving us the opportunity to know such a wonderful, kind hearted man, whose warmth and strength touched so many of us, in such a profound way, the whole world over. May his memory live fondly on with you, as it will with all of us.
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Michael Connor Robinson from New Jersey, USA.

I did not know Mikko that well but I really wish I did, and its something I will regret. He was a good egg who touched the lives of almost everyone on this message board, and will be missed. I am just glad I knew him at least a little bit, rather than not at all.
Shawn of Los Angeles

I'm one of those people who like to have arguments with others while on this forum. Not heated ones, but simple back and forth discussions about two or more different opinions. And whenever I saw an alert that North Ranger had replied to one of my posts, I admit that at times I was not always too excited: but only because we had so much in common there was very little to argue about. I know Mikko and I would have been amazing friends had we not been so far apart. We had similar interests. We had similar personalities and senses of humor. I am honestly hurt knowing that we'll never get a chance to meet now.

My deepest sympathies to his loved ones. And a salute to his parents who raised such a wonderful person. Even in the darkest of times, Mikko marched on with a positive outlook and a huge smile.He came in a good man. He left a good man.

We will miss you, buddy.


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Just found out a lady I work with is Finnish and speaks it fluently. She's going to be translating for us.


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Dear David and peoples in Halforum

Thank you very much all of yours parttaking messages in our deep sorrow.

Funerals will be held on Saturday 21 December in Resurrection Chapel in Turku

Is it ok, that we will lay on behalf of you the memorial flovers on Mikko's grave.
If it is acceptable, please send by e-mail to us the farewell words (sentence) and how we sign the card with flowers.

If you have any hopes for us, please tell.

Yours Leila and Timo
Just found out a lady I work with is Finnish and speaks it fluently. She's going to be translating for us.
If there are any problems in getting the translation done, let me know. I'm no poet, but I speak Finnish.
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Well, my friend's mother is a fluent Finn as well, but she lives in Hawaii, so the time changes would have been difficult. Thanks for the offer and I'll certainly reach out if she balks.
Carlo Gallucci, from Barcelona, Spain:

When I knew, I was very sad. North_Ranger was a great guy, and I didn't know what to say about his death except that it really saddened me.
But I started thinking. Why? Why was I so touched by the passing of a man I had only known through the indirect ways of the internet?

And, as I reflected, I knew that it was, of course, because Mikko was a part of me. Some of his stories became mine, because of his warmth, and his cheerfulness, and him being an all around great guy. Some were happy memories, and some were not as happy, but they were inside me to accompany me trough my life.

So, every time I hear the name Sasha, I go to the internet for a few minutes and try to check if it's really just a man's name or if, when he was a soldier, he had properly named his rifle with a female's name after all. Whenever somebody speaks of children growing, or whenever I realize my little sister is becoming a preteen, I remember his feelings with the aging of his nephews, who used to come running to him calling his name and perching on his legs and then didn't anymore. Whenever I think of red bushy beards, of renaissance fairs and of suspenders, it's easy that Mikko will appear in my mind, usually smiling his nice and warm smile.

And If he has left me with so many memories, a guy on the internet who knew him in this indirect mediated way, I can't even begin to imagine how many people that he met in person have a place for him in his heart, and will remember him fondly for years, even forever.

I know I will.
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Y'know, I'd love to add something, but I realyl can't think of anything intelligent that hasn't been said yet and/or can't put my feelings in words.
Y'know, I'd love to add something, but I realyl can't think of anything intelligent that hasn't been said yet and/or can't put my feelings in words.
I think you should't worry about not thinking of anything that hasn't been said before. If you want to write something, I think you should just think of how you feel and then write something, and the result, even if it's not great prose, will still be a nice homage to a friend.
Stephen Miller from Minnesota, USA

There is a lot I could say about Mikko but I will keep it simple: He was full of joy and love, his heart bigger than most. He made us laugh and he made us feel like we were friends even though we were oceans apart. He was a rare and lovely person and I should be so lucky to meet another like him someday. Thank you Mikko, for sharing your life with us. Godspeed in your new journey.
Alex from Hamburg,Germany

Mikko was a good guy. He never made fun of my lack of english skills and always had a kind word,for a guy who sometimes felt lost. I am very sad at the loss and will miss him greatly. But his memory will always live on, as a person who faced adversity with a
smile on his face and a good word for his fellow men.
I am glad to have known him and my life has been better for it.