Rant VIII: The Reckoning



I am officially ranting about the locking of the last thread. It's timing has been noticed.
Ooooh, new rants! Shiny! And I have nothing to rant about - other than I hate packing to move, and it's too freaking hot and humid to want to do anything.
So apparently what was keeping me up nights recently (and still is) was stress. Not even a big massive stressful thing that needed to be solved, but just minor everyday stress that built up over time to become a nasty monster that can only truly be solved by taking a vacation. The problem with that? Two weeks ago we had to cancel our August vacation due to lack of available vacation time at work. Apparently last night's daily dose of stress was the straw that broke the camel's back, or in this case, the disk between his C5 and C4 vertebrae. About every 18 months or so for the last 5 years, I can pretty much count on doing absolutely nothing super-taxing and suddenly feeling a massive sharp stab of pain accompanied by that old familiar tightness in my neck/back/shoulder that tells me that that stupid disk is inflamed again and has just managed to put too much pressure on the wrong nerve bundle, and all of the muscles around it have flared and locked up solid. I can only turn my head one direction with anything even close to normal range of motion, and I can't tilt my head back and to the side at all. Now I get to spend the next 2 - 5 days in pain while I wait for the swelling to go down so I can have my neck readjusted and relieve the pressure on the damn cartilage. Oh, and this year's trigger? I moved a bowl from my computer desk to a table with one hand while reaching for a glass of water with the other. Last time I believe it was standing up from the couch that I'd been sitting on for approximately 15 seconds between chopping something and stirring something in the kitchen.
Normally my back spasms come from moving from a sitting to a reclining position on the couch.

The most manly trigger was my roommate's mother cut herself, and I ran to my house on the same farm to get bandages. I jumped a mud puddle during the downpour. Landed on one foot, and kept running with the back pain.

When I go home later that day my back spasmed so badly I did not get out of bed for nearly 3 days.
Yeah, it never seems to be anything major does it? Even in all of the various TV Sitcom episodes where someone throws their back out, it's just them doing something minor, or just getting out of bed in the morning. The last two times this happened I was unemployed, and could just lie around and do nothing until the swelling subsided and then everything was fine. This time I actually have a job and came to work. May not have been the best decision I've ever made, but I've missed more time this year than I'd like and don't want to miss anymore, and I figure I have tomorrow off to recuperate some - though now I'm going to have to walk my wife, step by step, through cooking dinner tomorrow because I can't stand in a kitchen and do all of my prep work like this and for the most part she can't cook, but it'd be a damn shame to waste that rack of ribs. I've noticed that it's fairly difficult even to type, I seem to be down about 25 - 30% of my normal manual dexterity in my right arm, and one hand is slower on the keyboard than the other.
Crap, now I have to subscribe to another thread because Dave (cranky old bastage that he is) told everyone to get off his lawn or he was going to turn on the sprinklers.
Mommy is in fucking bitch mode today. You want to throw a tantrum? Go to your room! You want to purposely make your sister pissed off so she throws a tantrum? You can go to your room too! Too fucking bad! Every fucking day it's the same thing. She won't leave me alone. He won't let me have the toy. She's following me. It's not fair! Fair?!? HAHAHA! I get to have you precious angels plucking my last nerve on a daily basis. There's fair for you.

Now I'll go mop the floors and pretend I don't want to duct tape you both to a wall then go out for drinks.


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[panel]WARNING! This rant contains offensive language.[/panel]

So I'm talking with an old friend of mine yesterday and he makes a comment about how "Obama is letting the fags run the country". I asked him what he meant and he started off by saying, "It's bad enough that these peter puffers are allowed to exist, but now that darkie (HIS EXACT WORDS!!!) is letting them molest each other in the military!" I sat there a bit stunned for a bit as he'd never - ever - said anything even remotely like this in the past. I told him I wasn't aware he was a racist homophobe and his answer was, "Fuck that! I ain't no homophobe. Phobia means fear and I ain't afraid of no queer."

So I've now written off a guy I've known since I was about 5. I'm not even going to try and get through to him because holy shit. Worst part? His son is apparently carrying on the grand tradition of idiocy. My ex-friend posted the following on Facebook:


I responded with "So you want us to be more like Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan? I thought those countries were the barbaric third-world nations we strive to be the most UNlike."

His son? Came back with: "America is homo sexual when it comes to illegal immigrants and everyone knows it. i agree with this 100%"

Seriously. What the fuck, people? How can people be that full of hate?


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What faction of religion are they? Can I venture a guess to Catholic/Christian? How many references to "God loves America" on their page?
Ding ding ding! You hit the nail resoundingly on the head. Very religious, very "patriotic".

But like all other "very religious, very patriotic" people I know, he never served a day in the military.


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That sucks, Dave. My mom posted that same status, and I called her out about it. When she stated her true feelings on the issues, I requested that she formulate her own opinions instead of reposting garbage like that.


That's pretty much what I was going to say. Sounds more like stupid than anything else.


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But don't you know what the queers are doing to the soil?! Can't build anything on it, can't grow anything in it... government says it's due to poor farming techniques, but I know what's really going on. I know it's the queers. They're in it with the aliens, building landing strips for gay martians, I SWEAR TO GOD, Stuart!
Seriously. What the fuck, people? How can people be that full of hate?
Fear. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. At least I think that's how it went.

Fear and ignorance, but I don't think ignorance was in the natural Yoda progression.

And yes, I've seen a lot of that status floating around, and it makes me upset every time.

I'm religious, and have a lot of religious friends, but it really disappoints me when they make that connection.[DOUBLEPOST=1341586451][/DOUBLEPOST]And at some point I have a huge religion rant in me, but I don't know how well I can put it into words yet, but I just hope nobody makes assumptions about me just because of my beliefs. Many things bother me just as they bother anyone else.

Jet now has pink eye. I bought him the drops the prescribed. Used them once...and now I can't find the bloody bottle anywhere!

Why did it have to be so frikken tiny?!
We raise our children remotely, via telepresence robots.
Your children are (currently) all single gender, so there's a certain broad approach you can apply. Once you get into mixed territory, things get difficult on a different level.

But that could never happen to you. :awesome:

Jet now has pink eye. I bought him the drops the prescribed. Used them once...and now I can't find the bloody bottle anywhere!

Why did it have to be so frikken tiny?!
Would you rather have to buya 2-gallon bottle? Either you'd be paying for stuf you do'nt need, or you'd need to treat him for months and months. It's corporations trying to do well by their customer and it still isn't good! AAAAhhhh! ;-)

(hint: it's in the last place you'll look for it)