[Brazelton] Screech dead at 44

I never saw an episode of Saved By the Bell, so all I remember about him is rumors of disturbing sex tapes being circulated.
After characters based on him and his role died in "Castle" and "Criminal Intent" he really is dead, huh.

Yeah, cancer sucks.

Was he in the "Saved by the Bell" reboot?


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He wasn't because none of them wanted him. After his sex tape debacle and the fact, again, that he was a raging dickhead meant they wanted nothing to do with him. It also helps he wrote a tell all book about the cast and show, which painted everyone but him in a terrible light. Oh, and don't forget his jailtime for stabbing a guy in a bar fight.
I've known too many people who had run ins with him to say anything positive about him. Yeah, cancer sucks, but so did he.