*sighs, turns over "DAYS SINCE LAST MASS SHOOTING IN AMERICA" sign to 0*


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Holy WTF?

"we're gonna be respectful"

What exactly do they have to say that would be disrespectful? Because I'm pretty sure it's something fucking horrible that they've done, and they're hoping that they can hold off on saying it until there's another mass shooting to distract people.

EDIT: "We've been in contact with DPS every day" Yeah, I'm sure they're calling all the damn time, trying to get information that isn't being shared. Just because you pick up the phone and talk doesn't mean that any information of value is getting communicated.
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Once they quit grieving? Well, can't get much more antagonistic toward people who just lost their elementary school children because of their inaction than that.


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Uvalde shooting incident commander says he didn't know he was in charge, ditched his radios on purpose

"Arredondo told the Texas Tribune's James Barragan and Zach Despart that he dropped his police and campus radios outside the school seconds after arriving at the northeast entrance of Robb Elementary, stating that he believed the tools would slow him down while responding to the shooter. Arredondo said that one of the radios had a 'whiplike antenna' that would hit his side as he ran. Another he claimed was likely to fall off his tactical belt."

The police chief dropped his means of communication because they were uncomfortable and might fall off his tactical belt.... The police chief is blaming faulty equipment. If your fucking radios are getting in the way of your law enforcement duties, then it's your responsibility as police chief to fix the damn problem, you fucking idiot! And don't you fucking dare ask for more funding because of this, you've clearly already squandered your budget.

"The Tribune's report includes claims from the police chief that he had no idea he was in charge of the police response inside the school."

Then who did he think was in charge? Why did the police chief not know who was in charge? Why was the police chief not in constant communciation with who he did think was in charge?

"Arredondo's attorney, George E. Hyde, who is not an expert with regard to mass shootings, told the Tribune that attempting to use a similar window tactic to engage the shooter in the locked classroom would've been 'reckless' and 'guaranteed all the children in the rooms would be killed.' This conflicts with comments offered by FBI Agent Katherine Schweit, one of the bureau's chief researchers on mass shootings, who told the Tribune that going through a window is proper police protocol during an active shooter event."

What a fucking shit-show. Reading this article broke my brain a little. I need to get off social media for the rest of the night.
I considered putting this in the "All Your Guns" thread, but I feel like it belongs here.

Records show the Cape Coral Police Department was called 13 times in the past year to the home of the two young brothers. The father said some of those times were him calling the cops on his own sons.
This is what happens when kids get too much Freedom. Because apparently it's a thing now.



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Police in Uvalde sat around for an hour and didn't even know for sure they couldn't get in the classroom. They may have lied about the door being locked.
How much you want to bet the footage they don't want people to see was a police officer locking the gunman in the room with the kids to contain him?


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is fighting the release of information about what happened in Uvalde.

Holy shit I hope this blows up in his face. Why the fuck is the Governor trying to keep the public in the dark?