Some kind of Halforum Anthology?

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Hey guys, I just got an idea to try to bring some more creativity and, well, activity to the Share Your Stuff (SYS) forum. I got the idea after seeing Cynicism's Earthbound pic. :)

How would everyone feel about picking a topic (like a video game, book, comic, etc.) and all doing some kinda fanwork for it, like a tribute of sorts?

You could submit anything you wanted, whether it be a drawing, motivational poster, crayon doodles, essays, fanfic, etc. Maybe we could do it once a month or something and get Edrondol to put it up as a site feature?

Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to build on my idea.


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I love that idea! I've been wanting to use the school scanner to post my own doodles just for fun. I'd contribute if I got an idea. I think a lot of people could do cool stuff with this. *hops on bandwagon*
Yeah! Plus if the topics were Dune or HHGG, it might encourage me to actually read something. :shock:


There are at least a few things I've always been at least halfway interested in doing some fanart for, at this might be the motivation I need. Earthbound, Metal Gear Solid, Superman, etc.
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Sure, I'm in, unless the topic is something I have no idea/care about. :Leyla:
But then again, you could look up what the topic is on wikipedia and find something you like.

Well I'm defintely interested. I'll keep an eye on the forum here and see when that first idea pops up. :teeth:
Any ideas for a first topic?

I'm thinking it should be something that we all at least SORTA know about and are into, just to get the ball rolling.
We should do "Stienman! Deliverer of tasty balloon snacks to the hive minds of planet Orbulon!"



I'm fired, aren't I?


Well I guess March would've ideally been the month for Watchmen, but I think we should start this project sooner rather than later, lest it be forgotten. Let's say February is Watchmen month.

And feel free to start early.
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