[Thread Game] The 2014 Band Geekery Thread

Once a band geek, always a band geek. Post videos of your old HS or college band from this season's performances.

I'll go first. From Saturday's WVU-Alabama game:

Fun Fact: Dr. Ken Ozello, Director of the Alabama Million Dollar Band, is a former WVU drum major.
Your request made me look to see what my old high school band has on Youtube. (Sadly, my university didn't have a marching band. Or sports. Go art!) Anyway, while I haven't found any of my old years (yet), I did see that 5 years ago, they did an "Africa Show". I don't know what that means, except it's listed as "Africa Show", but how the hell do you pick that theme in a high school that has, maybe, 5 black students?!?

Now I'm wondering if the theater department ever performed "Hairspray"... :facepalm:
This past Saturday's show @ Maryland. A combined halftime celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner...
Someone posted my senior year marching band show! And yes, I'm in it a few times:

I just wish it was an earlier year. This was probably my least favorite out of the four. The music was "ehh" and the uniforms were frumpy.
I like the Scottish year. Highlander music?
For the longest time we were "The Royal Scarlet Brigade". But between those years our band director decided to change our look once we started going into field show competition.
We played all sorts of things, but we always started our street marching with "Scotland The Brave".

I remember THIS being our march for a couple of years:

And also THIS one another year:
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I'm teaching my daughter how to Color Guard while we are trapped at home. (She's the taller one :/)