[Music] The Coolest Music Prank Ever (Green Day)


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So a few months ago there was an internet furor over a "leaked" Green Day album called "Magnum Opus of the Inglorious Kind". The music world kind of blew up, considering they had just released a single in September called "Father of All". As a Green Day fan, I was a part of the speculative hysteria but it kind of fell off my radar for a bit. Today I found out that the whole thing was a sham and faked by three guys in Canada.

The album they faked looks, feels, and sounds like Green Day and is frankly pretty decent for what is essentially "musical fan fiction" as they call it. Following is a video of the creation of the fake album that fooled everyone. After that I'll link a YouTube video of the songs that were leaked. Tell me that doesn't sound like Green Day. Oh, and Green Day did find out about it and they loved it, going so far as to fly to Canada and meet the guys behind it. I fucking love this whole story.