I got a job offer for the first place I applied to today! Only took about a month and a couple interviews but I am good to go! Side note: I called the place because I never heard back, It's not an official job offer, but I talked to the charge nurse (she was a part of the interview team) and she told me that I was the one picked for the job and they are just waiting on HR to get off their butts so they can start the hiring process
Finally did something challenging today that I managed to complete with flying colors. A deep composite core build-up on tooth #4 (2nd premolar Upper right) to prepare for a crown prep. I helpfully outlined what I did. My clinical preceptor said it was fantastic. Guess I was paying attention these last few years after all.

first core buildup.png
Those general anesthesia drugs are quite something, aren't they? :D

The last time I went under for surgery, I woke up in the recovery room listening to two nurses talk about the club they're going to go to after their shift ends, and how they bought new outfits for the occasion. Then they started talking about their bust sizes. The thing is, though, I was still woozy and kinda out of it at the time, so I'm not sure if I dreamt/imagined this conversation.
Only time I ever went under was for wisdom teeth removal. Came to in the recovery room which was not something I was prepared for, being moved while I was out, and asked my Mom if I had teleported there and was a superhero now. Then I got up, asked where the Dentist was, and said they did such a good job so they deserved a hug.

On the way out I wished everyone in reception a merry Christmas. It was the middle of March.
Last time I was put under was also for wisdom teeth removal (all four, yay me). Before going under, I asked the dentist if the ceiling moving around was normal. Once assured it was, I muttered "cooooooooool" and went out. Kinda vaguely came to to see and hear the dentist pulling with all his might and swearing at my stubborn tooth. Instantly went back to sleep.

My girlfriend said I looked incredibly pitiful being wheeled to the X-ray machine for the post-op exam. I was feeling fine though, I could've walked. But protocols.
For the removal of my two wisdom teeth I only got local anesthesia both times. The roots of the first one broke off, the second was an easy removal however.
So I follow Sideshow Collectibles on various social media despite not really being a collector, but they do lots of giveaways, including reward points that give you money to spend there. Today I finally committed to one: the Pac-Man Chogokin. Why this one? It's the perfect size to sit atop a 3-D printed tabletop arcade emulator. And I only spent $13 on it.

Now I just have to get enough time to work on that, but I have until Fall, so no hurry.
$600, I don't know how I got so little. I have not received the check yet, but the paperwork says I only get $600. I guess I need to look at the fine print of the bill.

It kinda sucks, because I did not 'want' the money because I have a job through all this. But I spent a lot of this money to make up for items I did not have when SHTF last month.
we are looking at the very real possibility that 2021 may see us able to bring [our debt] down to zero.
That's it. We're done.
Thanks to tax returns and the stimuli, and not counting the wife's lingering student loan (which we are waiting to see whether all or part of gets canceled by the current administration), we now no longer have any unsecured debt. This is important, since it looks like we will have to move in the next year or two. Look for that to show up in the Whine Like A Baby thread when it happens. :Leyla:

PD = Professional Development. It's a teacher workday, kids are off. They get training and such and generally just a break from having to deal with the hellspawn students.

I'm assuming "hoyrs" is a typo of "hours." If so, how early do you get up that there are hours before you take your kid(s) to school, @HCGLNS? Or did you already drop them off? :confused: