The I'm Drunk/Wasted/High thread part too drunk to count

Went searching for the old thread, apparently it hit the limit so here goes the new one.
Sunday night after an epic weekend catching up with friends i normally never see. Spent most of the time babysitting kids, and loved every minute of it.

Now im on my own, having a few brews before i go to bed for another work week. What up my northen hemispherian bretheran?


Got toasty last night, came home, played New Vegas. It was awesome.
Drinking cheap bourbon, watching fear and loathing, and will soon be listening to tonights the night by neil young.
staying at home and saving money turned into going out.
Made peace with a good friend so thats a plus, but also made several bad drunk decsions. Shall find out in the morning how bad they were. I'm hoping to at least break even.
Watching porn while drunk is interesting. Watching pirate-themed porn while drunk is even better. Turning it into a drinking game ranks it up some more. Watching it with two bi-curious female friends? Pure. Epic. Win.
Guess waht bitches:? Legendary NickGuy guy...wait drunk...

Girlfriend ahgning off of me...

too..drunk for sex..

you'll find this hilarious....I won't...tomorrow....Nourah...protests....


who did I just type "O"


This will be legen...wait for it...



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How many asks?"

At least says nourah...she sahare last phew with me.
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I lightwight.

Wow. You know I'm drunk when my spelling goes right out the window.

Still, according to Nourah, Drunk Nick is awesome. :D


I am drunk with wine and high as a kite and I have to say I am loving it
I learned, while my wife was away, that I am not allowed to YouTube while drunk on moonshine. Apparently I commented on a video of "Scotland the Brave," proclaiming my defiance of "redcoats."

... Where's my mason jar...?
Went to two happy hours tonight to help a friend celebrate her 21st. Had 5 cocktails in about an hour and a half. First time I've been drunk by 8:00 in a while.
Free sample of one of my boss's home grown crops, awesome
Beer, awesome
Led zepplin on itunes, awesome
Looking at a half naked finnish pornstar, awesome

Pretty good night I think
Had a school sponsored beer rally tonight. Didn't win but didn't come in last place. Drank 4 liters and some whiskey tonight. Very drunk.