The Kickstarter Bonanza - Everything Edition


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Fat Kid Rules the World :

FIlm directed my Matthew Lillard - Shaggy from the Scooby Doo movies and one of the main characters in Scream.

For you writers out there, look at the prize for $750. It's insane.

CRITIQUE YOUR NOVEL OR SCREENPLAY. KL Going who wrote the award winning novel FAT KID RULES THE WORLD will provide a professional consultation / critique of your manuscript. This is a service KL offers professionally to aspiring novelists and will give you her expertise/experience and advice. Service includes a two page overall critique and notes on the pages of your work in progress. Reports generally comment on all of the basics -- plot, voice, characters, setting, pacing, consistency and writing style. KL also writes comments directly on the pages as she reads. These range from line or word deletions, to thoughts relating to the larger themes that will appear in the report. This is an awesome reward. Not only is KL an amazing talent and gracious, lovely person, she wrote the book on this: Writing and Selling the YA Novel by KL Going! Check it out! (Of course, you'll also get a t-shirt, 7", stickers and dowloads!) (3 critques) avail. --or-- Are you screenwriter? Michael Galvin and Peter Speakman will offer their critique of your screenplay! (3 critiques avail)


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Sorry, Hylian! I can't change the time stamp on your post to make it the first one.
Since Jay's thread is for games only I figured this would be a nice place for people to put all the Kickstarter projects that they find interesting.
It was only for games because it was in the games forum. Had we known there was enough interest for a Kickstarter Megathread, we'd have just put it up here instead!
It was only for games because it was in the games forum. Had we known there was enough interest for a Kickstarter Megathread, we'd have just put it up here instead!
I wasn't saying it against the other thread. I was just letting people know why there was two similar threads.

You want to ditch your shoelaces. We know and feel your pain. Laces come undone and get filthy, you step on them and trip, and you've spent countless hours tying and untying them. Shoelaces have been around since about 3500 BC – technology has improved almost everything else and yet here we are still, with the same basic system invented by cavemen!
THAT’S WHY WE’VE CREATED HICKIES® – A ground-breaking lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and lets you easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. Never tie or untie your shoes again! Get rid of the bows and customize your footwear.
Or just learn not to tie granny knots and save your money.


Ah, I wasn't paying close enough attention to Hylian's link, it's about turning shoes into slip-ons, not about laces coming untied. Still, this is probably good to know.
Whatever happened to velcro shoes? I thought they solved all problems with laces that Hickies are claiming to solve?
Plus with Velcro you are limited to whatever shoes they decide to make with Velcro. Not to mention you have that annoying tearing sound when you open and close the Velcro.


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I freakin loved the old game "MULE". I suppose those familiar with it won't be surprised. Anyway -

This Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise funds to develop Alpha Colony, an upcoming strategy game that is a licensed homage to M.U.L.E., the seminal multiplayer strategy game from 1983 designed by the late Danielle (née Dan) Bunten.
Kickstarter updates:

Fat Kid Rules The World is funded, with 8 grand to spare. Looking forward to seeing that on DVD.

BronyCon is funded, raising more than 6 times the required amount.

Awkward Zombie is funded, raising more than 10x the required amount.

Zombiecide is funded and raised more than 39x times the required amount.

Hickies is funded, raising more than 6x the required amount.

Roominate is funded, raising more than 3x what was needed.

So yeah... crowded sourced funding seems to be working.

About this project

What's All This?
It's a choosable pathway gamebook, just like those books you played as a kid (whose name is now trademarked), but with the bonus that you can collect weapons, fight monsters, and use your powers.
About the Project
I’ve been making a comic called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal for the last ten years, and have been very fortunate to see it grow into a nice little community. As it’s grown, it’s gone from mostly short one-liners to longer strips to full-blown stories. As a result, I’ve had a lot of people request that I write a book.

Since I was about 12, it’s been a dream of mine to write an adventure game like the old Lone Wolf books by Joe Dever. Thanks to some encouragement from my publishers at Breadpig, I finally did it. “Trial of the Clone” is a comedy science fiction story set in the future. Think Douglas Adams, but meaner. It’s taken a lot of time to build many different tracks for players to take, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

The book will also have over 20 illustrations by the amazing Chris Jones, some of which we’ll be showing off here.

Our initial goal ($15,000) is listed in the upper right. That’s enough to cover a lot of the printing costs and shipping. If we don’t reach that goal, you don’t pay anything. If we exceed that goal, you may get other things beyond the stuff you've been promised!

“The Final Fantasy series is iconic for many reasons, including beautiful music that has been remixed, arranged and performed countless times worldwide. There is one game in the series that holds a special place in many of our hearts: Final Fantasy VI.

OverClocked ReMix ( has been paying tribute to the music of Final Fantasy (and many other games/series!) for over a decade. Our work has always been non-profit, and freely distributed. Back in 2007, with the help of many brilliant musicians from the OC ReMix community, I directed an album project (Voices of the Lifestream) based on Final Fantasy VII.
Now, I’m working together with McVaffe on an even grander tribute for Final Fantasy VI, in celebration of the series' 25th birthday. We just need your help in making sure the result is the very best it can be!
- Project Co-Director Andrew “zircon” Aversa
The Project

Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin has been underway since last year - our goal is to arrange the bulk of the FF6 soundtrack in a varied (but cohesive) range of musical styles; from rock and hard electronic battles, to soft ballads, jazzy interludes, somber orchestral marches and an outrageously epic opera sequence, there will be something for everyone on the album. Though there will be a wide range of genres, we will be also keeping true to the spirit of the original soundtrack.

In order to achieve such a monumental task, a roster of over 30 veteran musicians (along with several talented newcomers) are contributing their music skills. They include the talents of:
Knock-Knock, a game by Ice-Pick Lodge, makers of The Void, Cargo: the Quest for Gravity, and Pathologic (most depressing, artful game I've ever played).

Gameplay Details!

Hide! We have to emulate hide-and-seek with monstrous creatures of nightmares. It turned out to be a hybrid of Lode Runner, Home Alone and Nightmare Ned.
Don’t look now! Keep (your avatar) away from the night visitors. The objective of each new night is to hold out until dawn and stay sane. The Night (a level) lasts for 7-10 minutes each.
Turn on the light! Only illuminated rooms are a safe haven and allow freedom of movement. But the light does not last for long and needs permanent supervision.
Fix the house! The more breaches there are in the house, the more fear, darkness and creatures of the sick mind the hero has to withstand.

  • Each night a number of useful tools appear in different rooms.
  • The player builds his very own house: any combination of rooms, stairs and doors are allowed. Any new room would increase the total amount of health and safety of the hero and open up new opportunities.
  • Every kind of Guest has a unique appearance, damage range, and personal characteristics. New seasons of the game will follow.
  • Everything that happens in the house is a clue. Uncover clues, master levels, stay sane and you will eventually expose the underlying mystery.
I can't wait to see what they come out wiht. I'm tempted to do the 47 dollar donation... if only because I KNOW Ice-Pick will make it worth it.
We should make our halforums zombie mmorpg we discussed some years ago into a kickstarter.
I would almost say that's going to happen eventually, at this rate. People are taking the Zombie genre to it's logical conclusions much faster than anyone could have predicted.


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No link, I'm lazy. I don't know anything about day z, so I can't comment on it, but perhaps someone else can.

Short version was we brainstormed the idea of a time limit based zombie mmorpg that would involve roles and missions on both the human side and zombie side, and that individual games would last a predetermined amount of time measured in hours, days, weeks, and months to support a variety of players. But they would always end, and there would be a decisive winner either th zombies or the humans.
Oh. Interesting, I suppose, though not really my cup of tea.

Just a quick run down of Day Z, it's an Arma 2 mod that turns every player into a "survivor" with limited supplies (weapons, ammo, bandages, food you need for survival) in a persistent-world setting overrun by zombies. Loud noises (like gunshots) make the dead notice/chase you more. Zombies get thicker the more "urbanized" the environment, but so do the supplies... and other players may decide it's easier to kill you for your supplies than go into town and wrest them from the restless dead.


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There was a company a while ago that made stereo-glasses (what this is doing from what it looks like). It was impressive how many companies supported it. Hopefully this one will be more succesful.