The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)


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I have this weird crush on Emily Haines, the singer from Metric. She's from Canada.

Also, my favorite band to see live is from Canada!



I am indifferent about where any of you are from unless it's within reasonable driving distance.
You know, I might in Moncton, NB in June. Might. For work. Maybe Fredericton too, don't know all the details yet.
I haven't lived in Toronto for almost a year. But I'll be in Fredericton, NB in a month or two.


I know. But I hang on to that because you seem to move around a lot now and can't keep track.

Also Gusto's in Ktichener-Waterloo, but I grouped him into Toronto to save space in the image.
I'm 25% Canadian. This means I get to apply for all the really keen Canadian assistance programs here in the US.

Oh, wait.

Slurpee captial of THE WORLD RESPRESENT! Also something else capital of Canada that we wont talk about, else you get the North End Handshake!