TIL: Today I Learned

I love seeing these on Reddit (fair warning there will be alot of cross-posting from Reddit here) and thought I'd share for those of us who don't have the hours of free time to browse sites like that, or simply share interesting things they learned today.

TIL: That McDonald's has a website solely for black people

I'd ask where the white version is but I remember that's just mcdonalds.com

I'd ask where the Latino/Asian/Indian version is but there's not alot of White Guilt associated with those races. :troll:

Edit: Oh shit I was wrong:
TIL that if your doomweasels are squabbling, it's best to let them just fight it out. Getting in the middle of it causes me to bleed. Alot.[DOUBLEPOST=1348793512][/DOUBLEPOST]TI also L that "50 Shades of Grey", as read by Gilbert Gottfried, is frakkin' hilarious! Thank you, Cheesy1, for making me fall out of my chair.
TIL Jet will use the toilet...if there is absolutely nothing else for him to do.

Do I have ot hide his toys away until he is potty trained? ;_;