Trump Regime Thread

It does, and to do that it talks about changing doctors from a fee per visit to a service basically. That way you aren’t incentivizing people to not see the doctor when they should, which reduces more expensive issues later on, and reduces the push for doctors to do more costly procedures either to bring in more money, or because they don’t know their patients well enough to know what they should/shouldn’t need.
You had me at, “It does.”



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It's disheartening that I still personally know at least two people who are both what I'd consider reasonably intelligent (which is a cynically high bar) and yet are still Trump supporters.

It mostly stems from political apathy, I think, coupled with Trump's jaw-dropping record of atrocities giving him sort of a refuge in audacity. They literally think that my list of all the terrible things he's done is fake because it beggars belief if you don't follow politics daily.

All they really know, and care, is that he's not a democrat. You start talking about how much of a criminal he is, and they shrug and say "all politicians are criminals, and he's a business guy, so yeah, it's doubly to be expected." They don't think he's any worse than Biden, or at least that Biden isn't appreciably better, and their lack of information as to Trump's unethical behavior is so sparse that it doesn't overcome the "but I can't vote for a democrat" threshold. And now the amount of accusations against trump has grown so huge that it's too much for them to believe. Because there's no WAY anyone THAT corrupt could actually be in charge, right? It's all fake news by rabid leftists, who have gone overboard on hyperbole because they want their guy in charge.

Boy, I really hope these guys are outnumbered.
Yeah, a lot of people think there's no way someone could get away with being that corrupt. Plus, Fox News has brainwashed all their watchers into believing every accusation against Trump is fake, and he actually did a lot to slow down COVID.
I haven’t listened to this yet, but I’m hoping it also discusses the stunning (to some) revelation that “healthcare” is not something that should remain dormant until after a patient gets sick, it should also apply to available processes/procedures which postpone/prevent illness(es) in the first place. Even down to such basic things as nutrition, exercise, and environment. Yes, that means some level of your gym membership should be considered as part of healthcare.

In Canada, we are fortunate that much of our health care is covered. Not all of it is, including prescription drugs and various forms of therapy (massage/physio etc) and we require private insurance for this.

I have had such a hard time convincing people that they need supplemental coverage as soon as they leave their parent’s plan. It’s something you get while healthy and use to keep you healthy. If you wait until you’re sick, you may not qualify for coverage.

My work offers subsidized gym memberships. Not through our health plan, but at least we have the option.
Yeah, a lot of people think there's no way someone could get away with being that corrupt. Plus, Fox News has brainwashed all their watchers into believing every accusation against Trump is fake, and he actually did a lot to slow down COVID.
That second part is so dangerous.
So a company with no employees, and no revenue suddenly gets $21m, which cheeto claims as a tax write off, and this $21m mysteroiusly dissapeared, around the same time as the 2016 cheeto campaign got an influx of millions.

Kermit drinking tea.
Residents of The Villages started a 500 golf cart caravan to help get their neighbors to the polls to vote for Biden. Trump heavily won The Villages last election and it was seen as the barometer on which way Florida as a whole would turn. It's another troubling sign for Trump's campaign.
The word is that Trump lost a lot of his senior support after the debates, so I guess I was wrong in my other post that debates don't seem like they would sway people anymore. Biden already had a small lead above Trump, I think about 6 points in the "Over 65" poll demographics, but since the debate Biden is now 20+ points above in that category.

My best guess? Lots of older white men and women got to see them both side by side, and just saw more of themselves in Biden (old, greying without a dye job / toupee, soft spoken, getting dunked on for his age constantly) and started to shift because of that.
New theory, cheeto gets covid again, Pence uses 25th to take control, not because it's the right thing to do, but to sign off on the new SCOTUS pick.
Defintely wonder what's going to happen if/when they wean him off steroids.

Also, is there no one that will tell Trump that he's doing a terrible job evenly spreading his makeup? Are people just too scared to mention *anything* that might be negative, even if it's helpful? If the man wasn't evil incarnate I'd feel bad about what is going on with the facemask.
Rupert Murdoch is expecting a landslide win for Biden. Him and Trump are not on speaking terms at the moment due to all of Trump's bad mouthing of Fox News in recent months.

As for Trump, if the information that the cocktail merely suppresses COVID but does not kill it off are true, then I imagine they are going to keep him on the drugs as long as possible. I imagine he will at least last longer then Herman Cain, but unsure if he will even make it to election day.
Remember: the timeframe for Herman Cain was "tested positive but minor symptoms" to "tweeting from beyond the grave" in like two week.
Yeah, but now we can inject people with antibodies to keep them artificially active and healthy. Also, reminder that November 4th is 19 days from now, so....2 weeks isn't that far off :-P