[Bug] Twitter plugin? "Loading tweet" everywhere

The tweets are there if I click on the loading tweet message to go directly to twitter, but the "loading tweet" is all I'm seeing here tonight. Didn't knowingly change anything on this end.


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Hrmmm... I'm on the road and probably won't be able to look into this until this weekend unfortunately.
It’s been showing “ Loading tweet...” in Firefox for ages, but loads the embed in Safari just fine.
I expect it’s just the usual config/browser/settings/plug-in issue.



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Yeah, I could never get it to happen for me in a situation that wasn't the direct fault of the network I was connected to.
Just saw this thread, I'm experiencing the same issue Blotsfan is, I'm on Android and using the Samsung Internet browser.
Now I only get the whitespace with the twitter logo, no tweet. I have to load it in a separate tab to read anything.
Yet I have ABP blocked on here, and I undid Ublock Origin because it was reducing some of my NFL emails to nothing...
Yeah, there's a lot that'll break when you turn off (or block) some of the scripting. An email can't just be an email any more, now it has to be an interactive, always-online multimedia experience that breaks if you don't allow all the scripts to run/embedded content to load.
Well eff that, I don't need you knowing if/when I ever open your email. If your email can't tell me what I need to know ACTUALLY IN THE EMAIL then I don't need it.