[News] US Capitol Siege 6 January 2021

Am I the only one thinking "and your point is WHAT, here?"
Maybe it's because I watch too many movies, but I think the reason they bring it up is because the LEGO set might have been used as a "planning model" for the attack. Of course, if that was true it be kind of sad, since the model isn't a 1:1 replica and won't have things like internal hallways or doorways mapped out, making it kind of worthless as a way to plan anything.
"Ok, Im the ketchup packet, you are the mustard packet. We will follow the rellish packet up the front and the Arby's sauce will attempt to flank using the side door. This is a great plan!"

The insurgents, probably.
The insurgents were mostly not poor. They had the means to take time off to travel to DC. There are numerous cases of them even chartering private jets to get there.
I've only heard of the Jenna Ryan case, where she chartered a private jet and brought a bunch of folks. If you've got other examples, I'd love to see them, because I haven't heard anything about it.


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Why there haven't been Treason (or even Sedition) charges for the Jan 6 insurrectionists, and why there probably won't be.

If Jefferson Davis couldn't be convicted of treason, then the participants of the Beer Belly Putsch won't be convicted either.

Let them plea bargain and sell out their buddies to save their own skins. We'll get more of them that way
Trump will pardon everyone when he starts his next term
Next month you mean? Eh, I doubt it, why even recognize the authority of those bribed and bought democratic activist judges? Just remove those judges and replace them with honest men, and declare all their judgments in these cases invalid. Then pin medals on the patriots who did their job and tried to stop Nancy's coup.