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Hey guys. On a forum I used to hang around at, we talked about the idea of Victorian-Era versions of Marvel and DC characters. Now, I'm not really skilled in art myself, but I was wondering if any of the artists on the forums might be interested in giving a try at drawing such characters. What do you guys think? If anyone is interested, I could provide some of the bios we came up with for characters.
Something like this? The story itself is kind of....meh but the characters look cool. You've got Batman, Catwoman on the poster and The Joker in the small circle.

That's it! Gotham By Gaslight is another example of what I'm talking about. I'm fond of Victorian-Era novels (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Invisible Man), so I enjoy thinking out how Marvel and DC characters can be re-imagined to fit this time period. Of course, I've got no drawing ability whatsoever, so I can't really draw out such characters. As such, anybody out here good with the arts who might be up for giving this a try? If you're interested, I can provide some bios for characters to help give some idea of what they're like in this time.
Sort of. I'd picture these characters as being in the 1880s.

So, do any artists around here want to actually give a try to drawing some DC and Marvel characters as if they were from the Victorian Era?
Would any of you guys like to see a few of the bios that me and the folks on that other forum came up with, before any forum members here with artistic ability are willing to give a try at drawing such characters?


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filmfanatic said:
Would any of you guys like to see a few of the bios that me and the folks on that other forum came up with, before any forum members here with artistic ability are willing to give a try at drawing such characters?
Sure! Send in the bios!
Green_Lantern said:
Sure! Send in the bios!
Alright. To start things off, hear are ten Victorian DC bios. To clarify, when these were done, London was set at the main location.

The Bat-Man (Batman)
Bruce Wayne is a mysterious young man. He lives alone down a winding alley in Victorian London, and is rarely seen outside. However, what his neighbours and workmates don't know is that at night, Wayne dons a uniform that has been striking fear into the killers and rapists of London for years. He is the Bat-Man. He is virtually invisible to the untrained eye in darkness and uses his chain with keen accuracy. As a boy, two men held up his mother and father, Which led to their deaths. Bruce fights crime in their memory. His ultimate goal is to bring down the corrupt Dr. Crane, who is using the various gangs in london to furthur his own campaign for complete control of the underworld.

The Kryptonian (Superman)
Kal-El, English Name Kent Clarke is a powerful . Not much is known about Kent, except what Maria Helena Bertinelli wrote about him:

The origin of his powers were unknown, until we became lovers, for a short time. He told me everything. The herald of power came to bring balance against the evil that was to come. When a small child, his family lived on an island oasis called Krypton, safe from the cold and bite of the sub-zero tempertures in the North. But a malfunction in their advanced technology after a battle with the Behemoths left the city to die. His parents, rulers of the island, sent their son away within an advanced pod. He was floated away to a family in England. Due to centuries of the bubble that surrounded the island, it was not exposed to the UV rays of the Planet. Therefore, he was empowered with greatness. He was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and could leap tall buildings in single bounds. He used this power for good, waiting for the last Behemoth to come.

The Grinner (The Joker)
No one knows who the Grinner is. Some believe that he is an albino lunatic who had escaped from an insane asylum. Others believe that he was a workman with one really bad day. In any case, The Grinner is a psychotic freak who relishes the chaos within London, and he makes his mark by murdering whomever he pleases. The one thing his victims have in common are these: either a smile is carved onto their faces or they have laughed themselves to death.

Poison Ivy
She is young, 13, 14 maybe, though she says she's 18. The men that come to her don't care. She's highly recommended and well paid within the profession. Her parents have long left Scarlet Isley, the only memory of them being the amazing plant affinity Scarlet has. Some say she can control pheremones and inject poisons and plague derived from the plants she breeds in her brothel via a playful kiss. But that's just silly, isn't it?

She can make you feel anything you want, and she can claim you, Body and Soul, should she desire.

Aquatic Man (Aquaman)
Somewhere on the ocean's floor rests the domed city of Atlantis, last survivors of the great cataclysm that sent the world's most highly advanced society beneath the waves and the rest of the world back to barbarism, spoken of in legends on the surface to this day. A normally peaceful society, the Atlanteans live in harmony and contemplation. Their one superstition is blond hair, which they believe to be a throwback to the greatest criminal in their history, a man whose vile deeds have, over time, given him the legendary status of a demon. During the early years of Queen Victoria's reign in Great Britain, a child with blond hair was born to Proserpina, the hereditary queen of Atlantis. Tradition dictated that the child be destroyed, and yet the boy was of royal blood. As compromise the baby was banished from the dome, left to his own devices in the open sea. The Atlanteans believed he would surely perish, but a family of dolphins raised the boy as one of their own. All his life the blond boy had a kindred with the sea and all its creatures; none who swam its waters, from the mightiest shark to the lowliest jellyfish, would ever do him harm. Years later, as a young man, the exiled prince was found and captured by a rogue fisherman, who sold him to Billy Barnwell, an American who owned and operated a traveling show of oddities in England. Barnwell planed to exhibit the young man as the Aquatic Man, a creature more fish than human. In London, the Aquatic Man escaped his confinement and sought revenge on his captors, but a chance meeting with a young woman named Meira taught him love and compassion. Aquatic Man returned to the sea, but from time to time visits his new friend on land, more often than not thwarting some threat to life and property while he is there. He also has forged a tenuous alliance with the Society of Justice.

Lord Luthor (Lex Luthor)
Lord Alexander Luthor is one of the most well-known members of the British elite. To the public, he appears to be a caring man, dedicated to the improvement of mankind. The truth, however, is that he is a brilliant criminal mastermind. This "Napoleon of Crime" has access to all kinds of criminals throughout England and will, on occasion, ally himself with other groups to further his own case, under the guise of helping theirs. Whereas they are only focused on taking control of England's underworld, he has a much bigger goal: the world. Despite his links to the criminal underworld, he uses his money and influence to place the blame on other criminals.

The Master of Mirrors (Mirror Master)
Samuel Scudder was an accomplished magician. Performing under the stage name Mysto the Magnificent, he performed before packed houses at Maskelyne's theatre. Most of his effects were accomplished with mirrors, making the audience see things that were not there, or preventing them from seeing what was there. But the ride was not to last. The arrival of masked crime-fighters in London made the wonderful commonplace; that, combined with the advent of the cinematograph, caused less and less demand for live entertainment of a magical nature. Scudder's crowds got smaller and smaller, until finally his engagement at Maskelyne's was canceled. An embittered Scudder swore that if the fools of London would not enrich him willingly, they would do so against their will. The master illusionist turned his skill with mirrors to crime, baffling the bobbies and masked adventurers alike as the Master of Mirrors.

The Savage and the Demon (Vandal Savage and Ra's al Ghul)
Little is known of these two. Despite his title, Vandal the Savage is a sophisticated gentleman. In combat, he often emplores the use of a large walking stick, as well as his own natural brute strength. Ra's the Demon, meanwhile, is a much less public character, preferring to remain in the shadows, fight with a scimitar and extend his life with his own creation: The Lazarus Elixer. Both are very intelligent and both are said to be immortal. Together, the Savage and the Demon hope to bring order to this chaotic world by any means necessary.

Goldenhelm (Dr. Fate)
Centuries before the advent of human civilization, the elder gods walked what is now known as Earth. Eventually these beings of power split into two factions; for convenience of classification call them "good" and "evil". The most powerful of the "good" beings decided the best way to concentrate their power over the force we call "magic" was to do away with their mortal bodies, allowing their minds to focus on the power. Their mental composition (or "soul" if you prefer) still requiring housing, many of them chose inanimate objects; jewels, daggers, the like. The mightiest of them all housed his persona inside a helmet of purest gold. During the final battle between the factions, the golden helmet was buried deep within the Earth, where its magic power could not free itself. And there it remained as the age of mankind dawned and progressed. Thousands of years later, a young archaeologist named Kent Nelson unearthed the golden helm in the Egyptian desert. While on the expedition, however, young Nelson was struck with dyssentery that ruined his health and made any future such expeiditons impossible. Returning to London, he accepted a post at the British Museum, where the shiny golden helmet was put on display. Now, in times of great danger and urgency, a strange trance comes over Nelson. While in this trance he dons the golden helmet, and the millennia-old elder god within it takes control of his body, and meets the threat as Goldenhelm, mystic protector of mankind. When the danger is passed, the helmet is returned to its display case, and Nelson awakens later with no memory of what has passed.

El Lobo (Lobo)
The mysterious man known as El Lobo is the last of a race of people who lived in a country known as Czarnia, located in South America. It was a peaceful country with major strides as shown through its technology. Its people were also much tougher than normal humans, capable of taking powerful blows and healing themselves at an accelerated rate. However, one sociopathic teenager decided to destroy the whole place. After accomplishing that, he wandered though the Amazonian jungle, killing anyone who dared to cross his path. When he came across a Spanish missionary, the missionary fled in terror, referring to the man before him as "El Lobo", due to his shaggy and fierce appearance. Liking the name, he decided to adopt it as his own. Since then, El Lobo works as a bounty hunter, travelling the oceans in a steam-powered ship and brutally hunting down his target with any means necessary. His first encounter with the heroes was when he was hired by The Savage to defeat the Kryptonian, thereby dealing a blow to those who support the heroes. After an intense battle with the heroes, however, he now has a respect for them because they care for others, even though the heroes might not share the same sentiment about him.
Now, for ten Victorian Marvel bios.

The Masque of the Red Death (Red Skull)
Johann Schmidt was born in Germany during Napoleon's conquest of Europe. His family was broken and impoverished filling him with much hate and resentment towards the government at the the time. This spurred him to create an cult of anarchists and move against the government. He decided to take his ideas to the center of culture at the time: London. Taking up a career as a politician and ambassador to his native Germany, he held an upstanding position in the public eye. By night however, he ran an underground cult of anarchists called "Hydra". He decided to undertake an alternate identity as a symbol of this Anarchist movement: A red skull mask. He called himself "The Masque Of The Red Death" after the short story by the American author, Edgar Allan Poe. Now The Red Death and his thugs commit crimes throughout London, and his alternate identity is able to denounce these acts as nothing more than petty thieves and robbers. His favorite weapon is a poison the emulates the disease in the story from which he also took his name.

American Soldier (Captain America)
During the Civil War, the Union was caught in a fierce fight with the Confederacy. Desperate to preserve the Union, they sought out all possible methods of strengthening their wartime forces. Among these was turning to Native American shamen with providing mystical support. In their pursuit of this mystical support, they discovered one shaman who promised that he could mystically endow a person with great strength and dexterity. After finding this shaman, they then tried to look for the perfect subject. This search led them to Stephen Rogers. While Rogers was a weak-bodied northerner, he showcased a great determination to serving the ideals needed for the nation. Deciding that they had found their man, they put him through the magic and trained him to be a warrior. After giving him a shield colored with the red, white and blue, they named their now muscular hero the American Soldier. However, a group of Confederate soldiers bombarded them and murdered Rogers' squad. In retaliation, Rogers fought with a passion never before seen. After the war was over and the government wanted to use him to strictly "enforce" their policies out west, Rogers declined, saying that he would only serve for the ideals of America. Since then, he has become a national figure and a hero to the public. When word came to him that an archist group known as "Hydra" was emerging in England, Rogers decided to ship out and prevent men like the Masque of the Red Death from destroying liberty and freedom...

Sgt. Franklin Castle (Punisher)
Sergeant Franklin Castle was one of the best military commanders in all the world, expertly commanding infantry, calvary, and ballistics. His patented, self-appointed "Hand Bombs" were his weapon of choice, including his marvelous sword, hand crafted and studded with the richest of diamonds.

When a traveling band of marauders killed and raped his wife and daughters, he entered a state of unnatural rage, and slaughtered the entire troop: men, women and children.

Following a brief period of drunken depression, Sgt. Castle left the military behind, and became a shadowy vigilante, murdering any and all who dare oppose his strict sense of justice. He is wanted for high treason and war crimes.

The Amazing Spider (Spider-Man)
Almost from the first breath he drew, life had seemed out to get Peter Parker. Born into poverty, his parents died of illness before he could walk. He was sent to live with his elderly aunt and uncle, who did their best for the boy, but could not afford much. A frail, sickly child, Peter found no friends among his peers, and spent much of his time absorbed in books and visiting the free museums of London. It was at one such museum visit, when Peter was sixteen, that his life changed. The geology exhibit of the museum housed a meteorite fragment that had defied efforts of classification. Peter was watching a demonstration of a Van de Graf generator in the next room; something went wrong, however, and the generator exploded, tearing a hole in the wall between the two exhibits and sending a surge of energy into the meteorite. The electrical charge awakened dormant energies in the meteorite, which were released in a blast that shot straight up to the ceiling, irradiating a tiny spider making its web there. While most of the spectators of the generator demonstration fled in the opposite direction, Peter ran into the room that the explosion had torn into, to see if anyone had been hurt. Thus the radioactive spider landed on his hand and, instinctively, bit him. The radioactive spider venom somehow endowed Peter with the abilities of a humanoid spider. On discovering his new abilities, Peter's first thought was to use them to make money, to elevate himself and his beloved aunt and uncle out of poverty. But when his uncle was killed by a street thief, Peter swore to use his powers to avenge him and combat evil everywhere as the Amazing Spider.

Magnetus (Magneto)
Erik Magnus lived a quiet life in solitude with his parents. However, one day while he was travelling in the night, he was brutally beaten by anti-semitic thugs, and his parents were taken away, most likely they were murdered.

Possessing a disturbing revenge complex, Magnus sought out the darkest of scientists, Victor Von Doom,and had him implant thousands of powerful magnetic devices in his body. Destroying Doom's labaratory with his new magnetic powers, and leaving the doctor bloody and beaten, he created a group of evil humans, what he called his Brotherhood of Evil.

Using his ability to grab and repel metal, Magnetus became an international super villain over night, becoming one of the most deadly men in Europe, and perhaps the world.

Otto Octavius (Dr. Octopus)
Genius German inventor Otto Octavius believed he had reached the pinnacle of his career when he constructed a mechanical set of arms that, by a series of levers, could be operated to act as weapons. He convinced himself that his invention was too good for the government that had comissioned him to build it, and as a result went out on his own to find whoever would bid highest for his masterpiece. During an illegal arms auction sponsored by the mad inventor, The Amazing Spider interfered, causing several of his potential buyers to be imprisoned. Octavius escaped, however, and further continued his quest. Yet each time he met with an interested party, The Amazing Spider always showed up to foil his plans. After the third time it occurred, Octavius grew incredibly bitter. He knew that the only way he could finally sell his weapon was to deal with the arachnid menace. His anger against the Spider grew to the point where he decided to use his invention to hunt down and kill The Amazing Spider once and for all. Along the way, he met up with the group calling themselves The Six Most Sinister, who also had a vendetta against the Spider. Octavius joined them, in hopes that they would lead him to his arch-foe. But in his heart, he knew that when he came face to face with the Spider, he would abandon his allies so that he could once and for all settle the score, for it would be he, and he alone, who enjoyed the pleasure of killing the wall-crawling fool.......

Nicholas Furimov (Nick Fury)
Nicholas Furimov was born to a serf family just outside Moscow just before the turn of the century. His strict and firmly routined upbringing helped him in his decision to join the Russian military, where he soon rose through the ranks to become Sergeant of his company at the conclusion of the Napoleonic War. In the next few weeks following the war, Furimov's unit was assigned to clear all the remaining French out of Russian territory. During a seemingly routine raid on a French supply house, an explosion cost Fury the use of his left eye. He continued to fight, however, and his valor in combat earned him Russia's highest military honor, as well as the friendship of the Czar. In the next few years, his quick thinking, Leadership and friends in high places saw his promotion up to leader of the Russian Secret Service and Police. Now with a patch to hide his absent left eye, Furimov, in command of the Russian spy network, frequently travels to foreign nations, under the guise of an ambassador, to better learn any of their secrets for the benefit of the motherland.

The Hulk (The Incredible Hulk)
When Bruce Banner was a child, he saw his working-class father brutally murder his mother. Consideration for his well-being was seen to by an uncle, David, who urged him to pursue the sciences. As time went by, Banner grew to be an expert in the use of chemicals in all kinds of uses, from medicine to weaponry. In particular, he was called in for a project to develop a more efficient explosive using his chemicals. Overseeing the project was General Thaddeus Ross, a military man proud of his country. He was also the father of the beautiful Betty Ross, with whom Banner ended up falling in love. One day, while working in the laboratory, Banner was preparing the first-ever test of the explosive. His assistant, Richard Jones, was to prepare it. However, Richard had prepared too short a fuse and had gotten caught in a hole in the floor. Seeing the danger, Bruce leapt out and shielded Richard from the blast. The chemical mixture seeped into Banner, causing him to grow into a hulking monster that went on a rampage. In the process, he had accidently hurt his love. Furious over this, Ross forbade Banner from ever seeing Betty, now intent on huting him down and making him pay for hurting his daughter. Banner, meanwhile, has fled, intent on taking control of this "Hulk" within him so that he may use it for good.

The Black Cat (Black Cat)
Felicia Harrington was born into an aristocratic Russian family. when she was very young, They decided to leave the country in search of more financially beneficial opportunities. This led to her parents making deals with the King of crime. He asked for very little in return, but claimed one day, he would recieve his payment.

Felicia turned 13. The King took his payment. He took the girl into his world, and even had a sick infatuation with the girl. He had her trained in the most deadly assassination methods of the time period. She also learned how to set traps, to make things go her way, cause 'bad luck' for her opponents. This earned her the name, "Black Cat" But when she turned 18, she demanded to see her parents. The King agreed, but on one conditon: Kill the Spider. She agreed to do so, and went to carry out her mission. But, the Spider Bested her. She went home to the King defeated. He immediately killed both her parents. Felicia, angered and fearful, escaped the King of Crime.

Now, she is on a personal vendetta against the Spider, blamin him for her parent's deaths. She joined the Six most sinister for this purpose, and constantly bickers with Otto about the fact that she will kill the Spider. She has a close, father-daughter relationship with the Sandman, feeling that the two can relate on some levels related to the King of Crime, and family issues.
Gusto said:
I know I've seen some pics of a cosplay group doing DC characters before.

Here's an example:
Cool pic, man. I can see Superman, Sandman, Power Girl, Zatanna and I believe Green Arrow present. Who are the others in the pic?

By the way, I think I'll get some more bios up later.
Dude in black with the goggles is supposed to be Batman, I think, and the dude in red with goggles is the Flash.

They could've done more to set themselves apart. Green Arrow is my favourite. :)
Gusto said:
Dude in black with the goggles is supposed to be Batman, I think, and the dude in red with goggles is the Flash.

They could've done more to set themselves apart. Green Arrow is my favourite. :)
Yeah, they could have done more. Otherwise, they look nice.

Personally, my faves of the group are Sandman and Zatanna.
Alright, here are some bios for heroes of the Victorian DC universe.

The Canary (Black Canary)
An immigrant running from the French Gov't, Diana Lance has lived an interesting lifestyle. She was guilty of stealing a loaf of bread so that she wouldn't starve, but fled to England before she was caught. As a newcomer to the shores of England, she had nothing. Eventually, she was forced to turn to a life of prostitution, selling her body in order to live. That is, she did this until a brutal attack by Jack the Ripper. A "co-worker" of Diana, Barbara, was mutilated by Jack--she died a slow, cruel death. Jack beat Diana, but had to leave before he finished her off due to oncoming police. The last thing she saw in the distance was a Black songbird. When she came to, she decided to forgo her former life of sex to a life of Vigilance. She has trained herself proficiently in Martial Artistry, and is very resouceful. She is always trying to convince women that they do not have to resort to prostitution, that they can find something else. She spends the entirity of her time tracking Jack, but also runs into common criminals on a regualr basis. Her calling card--A Canary feather, dyed in black.

The Green Arrow (Green Arrow)
Oliver Queen was born into wealth and inherited a large manor outside of England. He took to having large parties inviting all the well off members of society. He especially enjoyed showing off his skills in archery and fencing from his youth. Eventually his parties brought beggars to his door, looking for scraps and hand outs. He would turn them away time and again, until a young girl pregnant and in rags came looking for a place to stay for the night. He allowed the woman to stay in the servants quarters for the night and in the morning awoke to find she had gone into labor and bore a child which she named after Oliver.

His heart was warmed by this act and realized that even beggars were people. He took an interest into why some towns and even sections of London were so downtrodden and poor. Over several weeks he discovered corrupt officials and landowners taking advantage of whoever they could.

Oliver began to seek ways to help these people but was at a loss. Even with his power and wealth, the people would be exploited. One night he was particularly being bothered by this when he overheard the young woman, now a regular guest, reading her infant the legend of Robin Hood as a bedtime story. Oliver fashioned himself a costume based off the legendary hero and took to the night taking from the corrupt and giving to the downtrodden, only ever leaving behind a signature green arrow.

The Woman of Wonder (Wonder Woman)
When the explorer Horace Holley and his adopted son Leo Vincey found the long-deserted city of Kor they met its immortal queen, Ayesha, known as She Who Must Be Obeyed (or, simply, "She"). Ayesha proclaimed Vincey to be the reincarnation of her long-dead lover and claimed him for herself. The only other survivor of the city of Kor, a young-looking girl named Ustane, appeared to challenge She for Vincey. Ustane proved inferior to She’s power, and was killed...or so it appeared. Ustane was only wounded, and escaped to nurse her wounds and recuperate until her power was restored. When Ustane returned to Kor, Ayesha and Vincey had long left. Intrigued by the men from the outer world, Ustane determined to seek it for herself. Using her mystic power of soaring on the winds, Ustane left the African valley and soon arrived on English shores. For a time she observed Victorian London society silently, intrigued by its male dominance and the suppressed, even slavish, role of women. Forgetting about Vincey, Ustane decided to show these serf-like British women what wonders a woman can achieve when unfettered by male dominance. Clothing herself like them, she took the identity of Diana Prince, and joined a local suffragette movement to attempt to dismantle the male-dominated society from within. But unknown even to her fellow suffragettes, Ustane garbed herself in a brightly colored costume and used her fabulous strength to battle the growing "super-criminal" element in London as the Woman of Wonder, to provide an example to the women of England and the world, to show them what a true woman could do. The Woman of Wonder has grudgingly accepted a place in the Society of Justice, hoping to prove that even super-men cannot overshadow a true woman. At first resentful of her male colleagues, as she fights alongside them she comes to realize the true heroism of them.

The Midnight Doctor (Dr. Mid-Nite)
Charles McNider was a prodigy of the Royal College of Surgeons, renowned and respected for his insight and skill. Decades ahead of his time, Dr. McNider experimented with herbal and alchemical treatments as alternatives to surgery. Perhaps falling victim to his own pride and confidence, Dr. McNider had begun to use himself as a test subject for these pharmacopeia. One day, McNider was called upon to treat a policeman who had been injured in the line of duty, and was tending his wounds in the operating theater when the criminal who had assaulted the peeler burst in to finish the job. In the ensuing scuffle, a beaker of acid was smashed and the corrosive liquid splashed across Dr. McNider's eyes. The young physician was blinded for life, and his career seemingly ended. However, his radical new drug treatments had enhanced his brain's ability to heal his body, and while it could not repair his demolished optic nerves, it compensated for their loss by throwing out "mental waves" which gave McNider a sharp picture of the world around him, albeit a picture bereft of light and color. With his new ability to "see", even in total darkness, McNider allowed the world to believe he was hopelessly blinded, while carrying on his research in secret, as well as taking to the streets as the Midnight Doctor, scourge of crime.

The Sleepwalker (Sandman)
Wesley Dodds was a young man born into a life of wealth and ease, but he was not content with the lot of an English socialite. He devoted his time, energy, and wealth to bettering the lot of the poor, creating hospitals and other charitable institutions. While visiting one such hospital he had funded, Dodds was shown a singularly fascinating case, of a man who had been driven to raving lunacy by his dreams. Wesley approached the man, fascinated by his rants; in that moment the lunatic broke his restraints, grasped Dodds by the arm, and died. That night, Dodds had a nightmare of a young woman murdered in an alley, and the next day read in the newspaper that his dream had been a vision of an actual murder. He soon realized that the lunatic had been driven insane by prophetic dreams of violent deaths that were about to occur, and had somehow passed the curse on to him. Rather than allow himself to be driven mad by the dreams, Dodds vowed to use them as beacons guiding him to atrocities that he could prevent. Arming himself with thin-walled glass spheres filled with powerful sedative fumes, and protecting himself from these fumes and masking his identity with a charcoal-filter breathing mask, Dodds becomes The Sleepwalker, nightmarish avenger of crime.

The Trice (The Flash)
Allen Garrick was a student at Oxford when the first reports of masked crimefighters came out of London. The impressionable young man was enamored of thrilling tales of the adventures of the Kryptonian, the Bat-Man, the Sleepwalker, and the others, and longed to somehow join their ranks as a secret adventurer. His wool-gathering caused his studies to suffer, and he soon found himself working as an assistant to several professors in an attempt to keep up his failing grades. One stormy night, young Garrick was assigned to clean the chemistry laboratory following a lecture and demonstration by the head of the chemistry department. The detritus of a dozen different chemical experiments was gathered and dumped into a basin for disposal into the drains eventually leading into the Thames. Before Garrick could empty the metal basin, however, a bolt of lightning crashed through the window and struck it, superheating the chemical mixture and sending a billowing cloud of vapor through the laboratory. Inhaling the chemical vapor, Garrick collapsed into unconsciousness. He revived twelve hours later to find that the vapor had somehow super-charged his metabolism, giving him the ability to move at blinding speed. Overjoyed, Garrick fashioned a costume and mask and took to the streets as a one-man lightning war on crime. If there is criminal activity anywhere in London, rest assured he will be there in a trice.
Green_Lantern said:
Do the Green Lantern =D
Alright. Here are the Victorian versions of Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy.

The Green Lantern (Alan Scott Green Lantern)
Alan Scott was a night watchman for the British Railway System. As he was going along his nightly route, he saw a green, glowing light in the distance. He decided to investigate the light and discovered a solitary lantern with a green flame within it on top of a pile of rusted metal. As he approached the lantern, the flame began to speak to him. It revealed that it had originally landed a thousand years ago. It was prophecised that this green flame would bring life, death and power. Since life and death had occurred, it was time to bring forth power. It then instructed Hal on how to use the metal to develop a ring that could help to protect the balance between good and evil. Hal followed the instructions and forged the ring, learning of its powers. It could allow its user to fly and create energy constructs based upon his thoughts. However, he could not affect plants and he had to recharge the ring every 24 hours within the lantern. After the event, Hal decided to follow the path of the "mystery men" and defend the innocents, calling himself The Green Lantern. Due to his dedication to justice, he was welcomed into the Society of Justice.

Solomon (Solomon Grundy)
Young medical researcher Cyrus Gold was indulging in a favorite pasttime of his, scouring the used book dealers and antique shops of London for bibliographic curiosities. In one dimly-lit shop tucked away in an obscure Whitechapel back street, Gold discovered a journal written in German. Something led him to purchase the journal, and upon perusal he found it to be the record of a doctor named Frankenstein, who claimed to have created life from parts of corpses animated through electricity. Intrigued, Gold decided to try the experiment himself. Obtaining the necessary parts from the anatomists, Gold assembled a patchwork being fully seven feet tall. In the surgical and experimental laboratory in the basement of the house he had inherited, Gold attempted to infuse his creation with life. Treatment after treatment with electricity produced no results, and finally an embittered Gold gave up and left the laboratory, intending to destroy his failure the following day. In the darkness of the laboratory, however, the creature awoke and stiffly rose from the table, shuffling out of the laboratory, awkwardly at first but gaining skill with every step. On his way out, the creature saw a bottle on a laboratory shelf, a bottle labeled "Solution of Ammonia" but turned so that only part of the label was visible to him: SOL AMMON. Haltingly the creature pronounced the syllables, repeating them over and over as he walked out into the London night. Eventually the creature found his way under a bridge, where a group of cutpurses had built a small fire to keep warm. The creature walked directly into the fire, and out of it with no harm. When one of the thieves attacked him with a cudgel, the creature snapped it like a matchstick. The leader of the gang asked him his name; the creature only repeated the syllables he had read in the laboratory, Sol Ammon. The thief leader interpreted this as Solomon, and offered the creature a place within his gang. Soon all of London was in terror of the pale-skinned monstrosity called Solomon, with the strength of ten men and seemingly unstoppable by any known means. The Green Lantern soon came into conflict with the monstrous Solomon, and the battle ended with the creature apparently destroyed by impact with an oncoming train; yet, no body was ever found...
Here is the Victoran equivalent to the X-Men: The Extraordinary People. At least some of them that we had made, anyway.

Charles Xavier (Professor X)
Charles Xavier is a man with a mission. Growing up, he had been born crippled, spending his life confined to chairs. To try to entertain himself, he spent his time reading books describing the exploits of great men. While particularly engaged with one novel, he suddenly found himself listening in on the mind of a business partner of whom his wealthy father was speaking. He found this power to be...extraordinary. As time went by, he moved up to a chair with machinery built in that allowed it to be moved by levers and he continued use of his powers, refining them but never abusing them. Now, he has founded a school for people who also have these powers, named "The Xavier Institue for Gifted Youths". His goal is to let people see that those with these incredible powers are not to be feared. However, with the despicable acts of organizations like the Brotherhood of Evil, he must act fast. As such, he has formed his own group to counteract such evils. This group is known as the Extraordinary People.

The Beast (Beast)
Born in the city of Glasgow to a fairly well renowned Scottish family, young Henry McCoy began, at a very young age, to show a passion for science. Partially completed experiments and curiosities were not an uncommon sight in the young lad's bedding room. Eventually, the brilliant young man, offered the best education that money could afford through his parents' funding, graduated from University and set out the make a name for himself in the still infant medical world. However, as McCoy enjoyed the freedom he was allowed to pursue his own chemical and biological interests, his experiments seemed to constantly become more and more dangerous and, what many colleagues in the field considered, maverick. On a fateful summer's eve, in his laboratory, McCoy made a crucial mistake in the chemical mixture of one of his concoctions, and the results were catastrophic. The volatile combination detonated inches from his face. The explosion permanently dyed McCoy's skin a shade of dark blue, while his face was also burned beyond medical repair.

Understandably upset by his disfigurement, McCoy secretly fled to London where he believed he could make a fresh start at a new life. Unfortunately, once his visage was seen, children and adults all around began to ridicule him, and then called the local authorities. Determined to stay out of the public spectacle, McCoy began to refer to himself simply as "The Beast". He abandoned all remenants of his former life, as well as the considerable fortune he stood to inherit. Also, for the first time in his life, he began to train physically, believing that muscle, as well as a genius head on his shoulders, would keep him safe on the rough streets. After living in the shadows for some time, The Beast eventually met with the odd, yet comforting Charles Xavier. He received an invitation from Xavier to join the group known as the Extraordinary People, which The Beast at first hesitated at. Xavier explained that The Beast would be made to feel at home among the group of outcasts, and that his disfigured appearance would matter little. Longing for human companionship, The Beast eventually accepted the offer, joining the Extraordinary People.

Cpl. Logan Howlett (Wolverine)
Cpl. Logan Howlett served in countless battles as a young private, and was considered an amazing and brave fighter, but when he was appointed Corporal he chose the life of a pacifist, rarely ever seen losing his temper or ordering inhumane assaults.

One night, while sleeping in a bunker, a shell hit the location, sending shrapnel all throughout Howlett's body. By some act of God, Howlett awoke, not dead, but with sharp pieces of debris protruding from his hands. Going into a state of pure rage, Howlett accidentally murdered his entire corp, and his commanding officers.

Unable to hide these horrible accessories, and unable to deal with his horrible sins, Howlett fled, living a life of quiet peace in the mountains. Living far beyond the normal age of a human, and experiencing supposedly fatal injuries, but his near indestructible sharpnel-infused body kept him alive.

One day, a bald cripple came to Howlett, and presented a very interesting propostition...

The Crawler (Nightcrawler)
The man known to few as "The Crawler" was actually the illegitimate son of a popular politcal official and Raven Darkhelm. Raised by nuns in a convent, the young boy grew up a devout Catholic, but was scorned because of his pointy ears and deep blue complexion. He also reaked of fire and brimstone, and a thick smoke emanated from his wherever he went.

When the local priest refused to hear his confession because of his demonic appearance, the boy fled the city, and sought refuge in the fields of the Gypsies. He became amazing adept with a sword, and began to be able to control his smoke layer to give him near invisibility.

One day, a peculiar bald man game to him, and offered him a spot in the gorup known as the Extraordinary People. Accepting, he became known as...The Crawler

The Living Colossus (Colossus)
Piotr Rasputin was the son of a poor family, forced to work in the factories in Russia to try to live. One day, while he and Illyana were working in the factory, a breakdown occurred with one of the machines and it began falling apart. Pieces were flying all over the place, with one large piece primed to fall and crush Illyana. Fearing for his sister's safety, Piotr rushed over to protect her. As he did so, his entire body transformed into pure metal. Astonished by what they had seen, word spread of this boy who was a living colossus. After the incident, he was still kept to work at the factory, using his great strength to move machines that others couldn't. One day, a group of royal guards ran into the factory and abducted Piotr. Before he knew it, he was standing before the czar, who was intrigued to learn more about him. He told Piotr that he wished for him to work for him, serving as a leader of the Russian Secret Service's combat forces. Piotr rejected, seeing that his power should be used for helping others like at the factory, instead of harming people. Angered by the rejection, the czar sent his guards to capture him, but they were no match for Piotr's strength. Fleeing the country with his sister, they chose to hide within London, where they were approached by a bald man in a wheelchair, who had invited him to join the Extraordinary People so that he may use his powers for good. Piotr accepted, choosing to be named...the Living Colossus.

Jubilation (Jubilee)
The girl by the name of Jun Lee was a Chinese immigrant with her mother and father. They lived a poor life, although they had each other. That is, until two corrupt bobbies decided to profit at their expense. Every week, they would come to their home and demand a portion of their pay. Things continued, with the poor family barely scraping by. One week, when they did not have enough money to fulfill their demand, the bobbies beat them senseless, leaving Jun an orphan. She was forced to pickpocket to get the money for food. One day, as she was preparing to pickpocket, the two bobbies saw her. They confronted her and told her that she must continue her family's payments. Raising her hands to shield herself from the inevitable beating, she was shocked when she was multi-colored blasts fire from her hands and blind the bobbies. Taking this chance, she quickly ran off, frightened by what she saw she had done. She wandered around, thinking about what had occurred, when a bald man in a wheelchair introduced himself and invited her to join the Extraordinary People and have shelter from such men like the bobbies. Liking his offer, she accepted, calling herself Jubilation in honor of her fireworks blasts.

The Cyclops (Cyclops)
Scott Summers was but a boy in Scotland when his mother and father were killed in a factory accident. He and his brother, Alex, were forced to go to separate orphanages, losing track of his each other in the process. With such a harsh life, Scott's only means of escape was with a locket that had belonged to his parents. Other boys in the orphanage, however, mocked his melancholy and would beat him up. One even gave him a harsh blow to the head, which knocked him out for a while. After he recovered from this incident, he would frquently have eyestrain and headaches. Later in life, he came to be a factory worker, spending each day toiling with the machinery. He hated this life. He hated the luck that he was given. Most of all, he hated that both of his parents were dead. As he was looking up, thinking about what life would be like if they were alive, an energy beam suddenly burst forth from his eyes and blew up a piece of the machinery. Thinking quickly, he sweeped the beam and destroyed the falling pieces. However, his coworkers and boss were angry with him and tried to hunt him down. With no control over the beams, Scott was forced to escape and live life with his eyes closed. However, he soon had an encounter with Charles Xavier, who offered him a chance to use his incredible power for good. After determining that ruby quartz was a material that could hold back the beams and allow Scott to see, Xavier had a pair of spectacles and an eyeguard made with ruby quartz lenses for Scott. Since the eyeguard covered both eyes with one long piece, he came to be known as the Cyclops.

Marvelous Woman (Jean Grey)
When Jean Grey was a young girl, she saw one of her best friends get killed by a runaway cart. As she held her friend while feeling grief, her powers activated, allowing her to enter her friend's mind and feel her feelings as she died. This event had a traumatizing impact, causing her to seclude herself from others and spend her life only reading books. This attitude unnerved her parents, particularly her psychic powers. Whenever they would try to get her outside or talking with other children her age, she would telekinetically throw her a book at them. One day, they brought someone to Jean to examine her. His name was Charles Xavier and he wished to examine her powers. Using his own psychic abilities, he delved into her mind and saw the traumatic event that led to her powers. However, he was more disturbed by an image of her engulfed in flames shaped like a bird. He came to see that this was the part of her mind that wished to use her powers to gain the pleasures that she had only read about and was too afraid to get for fear of the reaction to her powers. Dubbing this hedonistic personality "The Phoenix", Xavier set up psychic barriers to restrain this part of Jean's mind and proceeded to meet her regularly, teaching her how to use her powers properly. When Xavier decided to start up his group of heroes known as the Extraordinary People, he invited Jean to join. She accepted, taking on the name of the Marvelous Woman in acknowledgement of her incredible powers.
In honor of The Punisher: War Zone hitting theatres today, here's a Victorian take on Jigsaw.

Patchwork (Jigsaw)
Representing the Italian branch of the Maggia (a wide-spanning criminal organization), William Russoti was one of the top criminal bosses. Nicknamed "Handsome Bill" because of his good looks, he was a narcissistic crime boss who always kept up his appearances. He was also a more sadistic crime boss than others, enjoying to do the kind of "work" that other bosses would shirk away from. One night, as he and his crew were celebrating a new deal which would flow more funds into the Maggia, Sgt. Franklin Castle burst in on them. He began brutally slaughtering them, taking down Russoti's men like they were mere weaklings. Russoti fled from the pub where they were celebrating to a factory closed for the night. He was certain that he had managed to escape. Instead, Sgt. Castle took him by surprise and shoved him into a mass of gears. He then turned them on, watching as Russoti was torn up by the gears. After that incident, Russoti was given the best medical attention money could buy. Despite the best efforts, they couldn't repair his face to its former state. It was now a tangled mess of scars, utterly ruined by the destruction. Looking at the newfound destruction, his sadistic rage now had one target: Sgt. Franklin Castle. Becoming wrapped up in his rage, Russoti has now become known as "Patchwork" due to his scarred visage.
Now, a few DC villains.

The Behemoth (Doomsday)
The enemy nation of the Kryptonians were the Behemoths. They were barbaric creatures, very strong but lacking in intelligence. But, the leaders of their nation were smart enough to send one of their top warriors away after the malfunction in Krypton's shields. They sent him away, and he landed in Africa. He walked his way up from the Southern tips of Africa with only one thing in mind: A note left in the pod he was sent in. The note read: Kill the one who they call Kryptonian. He searched Africa, trying to find the Kryptonian, making that his sole goal. But after years of searching went to no avail. He went to villages, asked for the Kryptonian, and slaughtered them if they did not understand. After years of walking, he finally reached England. He could sense someone worthy of battle was in the Area, and he intended on finding this being. Could it be him, the Kryptonian?

Toy-Man (Toyman)
Winslow Schott was a kindly toymaker who always delighted to create toys for children. One day, a company seeking to build a factory needed Schott to close his doors so that they could have that land. Schott refused, so the company retailated. While Winslow was away from the store, hired hands from the company set fire to it. He was horrified when he saw the sight: all of his dreams, his joys, burnt in an instant. Furious, he decided that he would get revenge. He would use his toys, once for the purpose of entertainment for children, as the source of vengeance against his enemies.

The Flush Royale (Royal Flush Gang)
Amidst all of the wealthy that reside in London, there is one group that makes up an elite inner circle at one of London's most famous gentlefolk clubs. They are a collection of gamblers, all hailing from well-to-do families, who pass the time at the Fortune Club. The inner circle grew bored of their "perfect" existence and wanted a new thrill in their lives. The club's owner, Amos Fortune, suggested an idea: Why not rob and commit crimes just for the excitement of it all? The inner circle appealed to this idea by Fortune's sly words and agreed to the proposition. To assist them in their crimes, Fortune has provided them with the proper tools necessary and new identities to cover their tracks. For the King: a rapier. For the Queen: maps of the city to plan out the crimes. For the Knave: two pistols and an assortment of explosives. For Ace: a pair of brass knuckles. For Ten: a magical amulet which can create a flying platform. Together, they make up the Flush Royale.

Mister Freeze, Esquire (Mr. Freeze)
Prominent London solicitor Victor Fries was a lad of ten when his young mother, whom he always remembered as beautiful and vibrant, wasted away and died of cancer. This left him with a morbid fear of death, a fear that drove him to seek any means of conquering it. He eventually found a drunken physician who had been expelled from the Royal College of Medicine for his unorthodox theories in prolonging life. The disgraced doctor told Fries of a method that could stave off age and decay in human tissues indefinitely. Fries siezed on the chance and offered himself to the doctor as a test subject. The doctor replaced all of Victor Fries' bodily humors with a chemical of his own design that arrested cellular decomposition through extreme cold. The process worked, but the now-immortal Mr. Fries found himself a creature of cold, unable to survive in temperatures above the freezing point. His ultimate fear of death removed, but now isolated from the life he sought to prolong, Mister Freeze has gone insane and seeks vengeance on society and a cure for his condition.
Some more DC villains.

The Gentleman of Crime (The Penguin)
Born with a club foot and what would be best described as "flippers" for hands, Oswald Cobblepot was kept far away from the city and anyone who would make life hard for him by his rich parents. Raised in a large mansion with only servants to keep him company. As he grew older he fancied himself a ladies man and a gentleman. No one told him that his parents were paying for his way of life. They were paying for education, paying for the women to sleep with him... and his life of luxery ended when, by using a loophole in tax law, a local business man took all of the Cobblepot land. Penniless, they went to the city for work, where they lived humbly. But Oswald, now in his twenties, would have none of it. Dubbing himself the "Gentleman of Crime", he is determined to steal back the lifestyle that was once given to him.

The Dark Ray (Black Manta)
Coulon de Malmer was a French Creole who loved the sea. He tried to establish his own shipping business, but found his efforts crushed, through means legal and not so legal, by the established white shipping magnates. Frustrated and embittered, de Malmer turned to piracy to make his living from the seas, plundering the ships owned by the men who had driven him out of legitimate business. His ship hoisted sails of jet black, the first sign a victim had of de Malmer coming. Owing to the black sails' resemblance to giant manta rays sailing over the water towards them, de Malmer's ship, and de Malmer himself, soon gained the appellation of the Dark Ray. For years de Malmer plundered on the seas between Britain and France, until the Aquatic Man took it upon himself to end the Dark Ray's reign of terror. Swearing vengeance upon the golden-haired manfish, the Dark Ray has outfitted his ship with technological weapons purchased from such august sources as Lord Luthor and Vandal the Savage. On occasion, the Dark Ray has worked with the League of Injustices, although he prefers to sail his course alone.

Thief of Shadows (Shadow Thief)
Carlton Sands was a minor burglar who spent most of his life living from the small pickings of meager thefts. His life changed forever when he burgled a small antique shop located somewhere in the maze of side-streets and alleys of the Whitechapel section of London. He discovered a full-length mirror that seemed to call to him somehow, pulsing with a life of its own. Touching the surface of the glass, Sands found himself drawn into the mirror as though it were a pool of water. Emerging from the mirror on the other side, Sands found himself transformed into a living shadow, with no more substance or solidity than a shadow. Stepping through the mirror back to front changed him back into a human being. While he could not touch or take wealth in shadow form, Sands quickly saw the potential in this mirror; as an insubstantial shadow he could go where no other could go, learn secrets thought hidden from the light, and sell them to interested parties or blackmail their owners. This soon brought Sands to the attention of the Midnight Doctor, who surprised him in his lair. Sands briefly fought the Midnight Doctor in his human form, but when it became apparent that he could not best the Doctor in physical combat, he stepped through the mirror and assumed his shadow form. He boasted that the Doctor could not bring him to justice now; the masked avenger retaliated by shattering the mirror. Sands was trapped forever in shadow form, unable to partake of any of the wealth his shadow status might gain him. He exists now only for revenge, and has allied himself with the League of Injustices to achieve it.

King Zod (General Zod)
Beneath the looking-glasses that we all use to examine ourselves is a world beyond our own. It is the Looking-Glass Zone, a bizarre world where things can be twisted and aren't what they seem. Many things can be found here, among them being the Kingdom of Zod, a land where the the worst criminals from other worlds have been imprisoned. Ruling over them all, however, is the all-powerful King Zod. Originally a general from Krypton, his attempt at a coup d'etat caused him to be labeled a traitor and banished to the Looking-Glass Zone. He now rules over the criminals with an iron fist and a solid edict: kneel before Zod or off with your head. He was content with ruling this weird paradise, but he wanted more. Eventually, he came across one particular looking-glass. When he peered into it, he saw the faintest traces of a city. Realizing that he had found a way out, he escaped and entered our world. He now desires to conquer our world, but first he must deal with the heroes defending it. There is one, in particular, that he wishes to behead: the Kryptonian.

The Man-Bat
When Count Dracula had made his horrifying appearance in England, there were those who had been bitten by him and thus turned into vampires. One of these souls was Kirk Langstrom, a member of the elite with an interest in science. When Jonathan Harker had killed the horrid monster, it was believed that all those who were affected were back to normal. Langstrom also believed that he had been cured. Life was normal...that is, until one night. Langstrom felt a strange yearning for something when suddenly, he had transformed. His body warped into a massive bat-like creature which proceeded to hunt down people for blood. People mistook the creature, believing that the Bat-Man had gone homicidal. The Bat-Man hunted down this creature and, discovering that it was really Langstrom, set about hunting down this creature with a sedative. The creature, dubbed by the press as "The Man-Bat" as a notice of the unfortunate mix-up, was hauled off to Abraham Arkham's asylum, where it reverted back to Langstrom. Langstrom now seeks a cure to his condition, although he has trouble containing his more animalistic self...

The red planet Mars circled the sun like a silent crimson marble, close to the Earth in its orbit. Most Earthmen did not suspect that Mars was home to a society of green-skinned beings, as warlike as Earthers in their tendencies. Following the arrival on Mars of certain heroic Earthmen such as Gullivar Jones and John Carter, a Martian scientist named Bryn Nyq began monitoring the Earth from afar with his special radio-wave telescopes. The emergence of super-beings in London caused the Martian considerable alarm. He built a humanoid android, similar in design to the Earthmen but bearing the Martian skin tone, with an electronic brain that would house his own brain patterns, allowing him to study these Terran beings up close without leaving his laboratory. Bryn Nyq dispatched the android to London in a small spacecraft, and activated its remote brain-wave projection circuitry upon its landing. His own consciousness now animating the android, Bryn Nyq saw through its eyes, heard through its ears, walked where it walked. With his special weapons of Martian design, including but not limited to an energy-field generator and molecular condensor device, Bryn Nyq (or "Brainiac", as the Earthmen called him, the closest approximation in their own tongue to his Martian name) attempted to capture certain of the super-beings to take back to Mars for study. His attempts have invariably ended in his defeat and the destruction of his android body. Immediately upon the android's destruction, Bryn Nyq's mind returned to his own living body on Mars, to build a new android and plan anew.

The Wizard
Wilhelm Czardinski was the poor son of Polish immigrants, who grew up fascinated with performance magic. Having chanced to see a street performer doing simple tricks for coins, the boy was instantly and forever captivated. He devoured all he could of the art, sneaking into theaters and watching great performers like Carl Hermann and Robert-Houdin. He was determined to become the greatest of them all. At the age of fourteen he secured a position on a merchant ship to the Far East, working his passage at grueling menial tasks; once in the land of mystery he sought out the mystics and holy men, seeking to learn the secrets of true magic. Fifteen years later he returned to England, and now calling himself W.I. Zard, stepped onto the London stages to mystify audiences with his feats of legedermain. He soon became the darling of London's society set, invited to perform at private parties of the wealthy and titled. Often at these soirees he would ask for a personal object from one of his patrons--often a priceless piece of jewelry--and make it vanish before their eyes. Always he would return it to them, but he began to realize how easy it would be to make their wealth truly vanish, to reappear only in his own pockets. Soon the young illusionist began to lead two lives, one on the stage in the brilliance of the footlights and another in the shadows of the night and the darkness of secrecy. None thought to connect the sudden burglaries of dozens of London's wealthiest citizens to the dashing young illusionist--until Charles McNider attended such a party, given by a young baronet whose life he had once saved on the operating table. The Wizard soon found himself clashing with the Midnight Doctor and the Society of Justice, a battle that ended with Zard behind the walls of Newgate--but for how long?

David Clinton was a scientific researcher who seemed to suffer in his timing. Anytime that he had discovered something new, there would always be someone who would beat him to the punch and receive the accolades and fame. Depressed by these circumstances in life, he felt that he would have no chance of ever receiving the fame that he deserved. One day, he heard rumors that one of his fellow associates was creating a device capable of travelling through time. He decided to visit him to find out more. Not finding the associate anywhere, he happened to find some papers over on his work desk. Looking over the papers, he realized that these were the theories and designs that proved time travel was possible. Taking the papers home, he set about designing his own time machine, making a modification of propellers to allow for transportation over space. After completing his device, he thought about showcasing his device. Thinking about the potential for someone else to steal his glory, he decided to use his machine for personal gain as a criminal, quickly developing devices capable of freezing someone in time. Having named himself Chronos, after the Greek embodiment of time, he seeks to become master of time and space.

Epiphany (Brainwave)
Born a sickly and frail child, Henry King never indulged in the physical pasttimes of other youths; his adventures took place in books, his only friends found there. As a young man he studied mathematics, coming under the tuteledge of the renowned professor James Moriarty. King came to idolize the older man and his amazing mind, which could grasp the most complex problems with keen, analytical precision. (Revelation of Professor Moriarty's extracurricular activities did nothing to diminish him in his protege's eyes.) When King read a series of articles published in the British Medical Journal by Dr. Richard Caton, describing experiments in the spontaneous electrical activity of the brain, King became fascinated with the nature of thoughts themselves. Were they matter, energy, or something completely different and unclassifiable? King threw himself into a study of the problem, concentrating his thought processes on it. One day, after untold hours without sleep or food, of pure concentration, King discovered that he could project his thoughts in three dimensions; could conjure images that could be perceived by all five senses, but were only as real as his thinking of them. After some practice, King learned to project and banish these "solid thoughts" instantaneously. Realizing the power this granted him, King became determined to obtain those material comforts he felt had always been denied him because of his physical frailty and timidity; wealth, power, lust, all the classic vices of the body. Using his solidifed thoughts, King built himself a magnificent new body over his own weak one, and set out as Epiphany. His abilities stymied even the Society of Justice themselves, until the Bat-Man and the Midnight Doctor deduced the nature of Epiphany's strange powers. Defeated, King was imprisoned for his crimes; but what prison can hold a man whose very thoughts become reality?

Mr. Mind
In the latter part of the 19th Century, a group of explorers including Nasmyth Carmichael and Professor Gazen successfully journeyed to the planets Venus and Mars. Upon their return to Earth, the Royal Astronomical Society refused to believe their claims. Little did they know that proof would assert itself. Unbeknownst to the astronauts, they had picked up a stowaway on Venus: a tiny parasitic organism, similar in bodily appearance to a Terran worm or maggot. The creature was highly telepathic, able to influence Terran minds; it attempted to take over the minds of Carmichael's party but found himself unable to do so. Judging that the astronauts' high intelligence shielded them from his effects, the creature waited until they landed on Earth and sought out a sub-standard mind to dominate. It found such a being in an alcoholic stupor in a Whitechapel gutter, and quickly dominated the man's body. Using the body for locomotion and manipulation of tools, the parasite sought to build a device which would extend his mental powers and allow him to dominate any human. Needing funds to purchase required components for the device, the creature used his host body to join a circus sideshow, using his telepathic powers to perform mind-reading stunts. Billed as "the amazing Mr. Mind", the mentalist became an overnight sensation. Hearing of the mentalist's astounding record of successes, the Midnight Doctor attended his performance as Charles McNider. Mr. Mind read the secret of McNider's dual identity in his mind, and seeing a potential threat to his plan, sought to have him eliminated. The criminals he hired to kill McNider failed, and the Midnight Doctor investigated Mr. Mind's lodgings. The alien parasite had not yet completed his mental booster device, but battled the Midnight Doctor with a defensive weapon he had created. The Doctor evaded the weapon and overpowered Mr. Mind, forcing the parasite to abandon his host body. The Midnight Doctor could tell that the newly-awakened derelict was sincere in his lack of knowledge of what "he" had done, but had no idea to what to attribute it. Meanwhile, Mr. Mind was left to seek a new host body...
Gusto said:
I know I've seen some pics of a cosplay group doing DC characters before.

Here's an example:
So... cool costumes but... what... exactly do they do with them other than take pictures of themselves?
Espy said:
Gusto said:
I know I've seen some pics of a cosplay group doing DC characters before.

Here's an example:
So... cool costumes but... what... exactly do they do with them other than take pictures of themselves?
My guess is that they break out those costumes for conventions. Not much else, I can think of.
Green_Lantern said:
question: couldn't you add the original character name to make it clear who are you adapting?
Alright. I'll be sure to do that from now on and I'll go back and edit previous posts to include their normal names.
CynicismKills said:
Interesting stuff, might be the push I've needed to get some sketching done.
Well, hopefully you decide to give it a try. I'm able to come up with these ideas, but my artistic ability is awful. Hope you give these a try.
Well, here is the Victorian version of the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

Jean Luc Dessan was raised in Canada and at 21 joined the Canadian Mounties. During an especially harsh winter Dessan was trapped in an avalanche for three months and was forced to eat snow and the raw carcasses of small animals to live. After his rescue, it was determined that although he was fine physically Jean Luc had suffered severe mental trauma. After escaping the hospital where he was kept Jean Luc went on the run and changed his name to Wade Wilson. Traveling to England, it was there that Wade met a pretty young lass name Domino, who inspired him to become a bounty hunter. The two were involved for several years before Domino suddenly left both the bounty hunting game and Wade. After this Wade disappeared for a year and returned far more dangerous, and with the ability to regenerate, though he paid a terrible price for it. Intent on making Domino love him again, Deadpool, the name Wilson chose as a bounty hunter, has fought, on numerous occasions, against the Ex Force. However he also stays true to his mercenary ways at times and has occasionally fought with Ex Force, and even once saved the life of the King of Cards.


filmfanatic said:
The Hulk (The Incredible Hulk)
When Bruce Banner was a child, he saw his working-class father brutally murder his mother. Consideration for his well-being was seen to by an uncle, David, who urged him to pursue the sciences. As time went by, Banner grew to be an expert in the use of chemicals and the human body. However, he always felt that there was something brewing within him, some powerful force of anger that he felt would blow. Needing someone to talk to, he decided to talk to his best friend and fellow scientist, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Intrigued by what Banner had described, he decided that Banner would be perfect as a subject for his experiments on man's duality. One night, when Jekyll had invited Banner over for a drink, he slipped a serum into his glass. Initially, no symptoms were shown. Then one night, when he began thinking about his mother's murder, Banner blacked out. He then transformed into a monstrous brute, who headed out into the night and initially caused chaos. Before this hulking brute, as described by the press, seriously hurt a child, Banner managed to exert some control. The next day, realizing that what had happened wasn't a dream, Banner decided to try to control this rage and help others while trying to seek a cure.
I'm sorry did you just reference ang lee's hulk? You realize this violates our charter.....I again apologize but I'm going to have to have you killed.

I'm kidding of course. The rest of your bio's are quite interesting but I'm a huge hulk fan and I get antsy when someone messes with hulk's origin. I like that it is the combined product of chance, and banner's own heroic act that caused him to become the hulk. Its a kind of "no good deed goes unpunished" thing that I feel gives his origin more depth.

I'd be far more interested in a banner who was attempting find a more efficient explosive compound than simple black powder for guns. Lord general Ross could fund his research from his own private fortunes looking to help out the common soldier. His assistant rick Jones could have accidentally used to fast a fuse in testing and banner could get caught in the explosion while trying to save him.
chakz said:
I'm sorry did you just reference ang lee's hulk? You realize this violates our charter.....I again apologize but I'm going to have to have you killed.

I'm kidding of course. The rest of your bio's are quite interesting but I'm a huge hulk fan and I get antsy when someone messes with hulk's origin. I like that it is the combined product of chance, and banner's own heroic act that caused him to become the hulk. Its a kind of "no good deed goes unpunished" thing that I feel gives his origin more depth.

I'd be far more interested in a banner who was attempting find a more efficient explosive compound than simple black powder for guns. Lord general Ross could fund his research from his own private fortunes looking to help out the common soldier. His assistant rick Jones could have accidentally used to fast a fuse in testing and banner could get caught in the explosion while trying to save him.
My apologies, but I can understand the desire for staying true to a character's origin. However, I felt that this angle would help with developing a fleshed-out Hulk and it ties in with the origin of Mr. Hyde. Tell you what: I'll go back and make these changes.
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