Wanna do some 2021 Happy Dookmas stuff?

Is anyone up for Christmas gift exchange this year? If so, I'll post the official thread this weekend to kick things off early.

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List of participants so far. The ones in bold haven't PMed me yet. Please do so, even if it's just to say that your address is still the same or to update your wish list.

Please don't make me send a weasel after you, as that will mean fewer weasels for me.

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Would someone with power mind unpinning last year's Secret Santa post and pinning this one instead? Thank you.

What is it?

It's a Secret Santa gift exchange between your fellow Halforumites. Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked to buy that person a gift. As a recipient, you should leave a few hints in a post to this thread (or PM me the information) as to what sort of interests you have.

Who can sign up?

Those who joined the forum on or before January 1, 2020 with more than a handful of posts will be allowed to participate.

To sign up, send me a PM. I still have everyone's information from last year, so if that hasn't changed, just let me know that you're participating and give some gift ideas. If your information has changed, or if this is your first year, send me a PM with your email address, shipping address, any gift rules/restrictions, and whether or not you would be willing to ship internationally (including USA to Canada). Be sure to specify whether or not you would accept NSFW or "adult" gifts (such as alcohol/sex themed gifts).

The deadline for signing up will be Friday, November 19, 2021. The following day, you will be randomly assigned to a Secret Santa recipient and will be sent a PM with the information on your giftee.

Final deadline for sending the gift is Monday, December 13, 2021. If you are not certain that you will be able to send a gift by that day, please don't sign up. We have had a couple of people sign up and then ghost, and no one likes to be bummed out on Christmas Day. Also, those who sign up and don't participate will be covered in gravy and given to the doomweasels.

Price range is whatever you are comfortable with giving. Feel free to spend as much as you want; just be aware that the more you spend, the less likely you will receive a gift of equal value. Homemade/handmade gifts are allowed, and even encouraged (no homemade food, please).

Try to send something you think the other person will like. As much as I can, I will be getting gift ideas/wish lists from the participants so you can send them the perfect gift.

Once you received your gift, post pictures. Share the joy. But if you don’t like your gift, don’t complain in the forums (especially if you didn’t supply any suggestions). Remember, it’s better to give than receive and you don’t want to receive a doomweasel.

Unless specified by the giftee, do not send NSFW. No one wants to open their present in front of their kids and have to explain what Spicy Dice are all about.

Please note that many states/nations have rules about shipping alcohol. When in doubt, choose another gift.

Finally, ship well in advance. Be kind to yourself and the postal workers and ship your stuff by Dec 13th to make sure it arrives before the crazy Christmas rush that always happens at the latter half of December.

If I missed anything or if you have questions, please let me know.
I just bought an early Christmas gift and it said it will take a month to be delivered, and I don't think its international or anything. I'm not sure when the deadline for this is, but we might wanna bump it up so people can get stuff on time.