We still miss you, Mikko.

I wanted to post something profound here, some picture or quote that would express how I/we feel.

None seemed appropriate.

The best tribute I can offer is that after 7 years, the smiling image up there still causes this much pain. It is a testament to how much he was loved. How much he is still loved. We miss you, @North_Ranger
I saw the memory that I had from Facebook yesterday evening. He really did affect more people than he even knew. He’s still missed by many today.
your flame will never go out, for we carry its spark in all our hearts, every light we make carries part of your spirit.

vaya con dios, old friend, we shall speak of your name in our hallowed halls forever more


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I got a great laugh over this one. I posted the Christmas greetings from Mikko's parents in the Holidays thread. They must have been going through some of our posts because I just got this email with a link explaining the Finnish love of sauna. Timo, if you are reading this, it was a topic we teased Mikko about, but not with any sort of hate. We just loved joking with the big guy.