Weird weather


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I was without power for 30 hours. My cable internet is still out. My parents are still without power, but they've got a whole house generator.

I'm fucking exhausted from the heat. It's still over 81F in my apartment, and it's been that hot or worse for about a full day. I didn't get any good sleep last night. I was hoping to let things cool off before trying to sleep again, but the cooling isn't going as fast as it's like, so I'm going to take a cool shower and lay down.
We didn’t lose power except for some very brief outages overnight. We lost water pressure for a few hours. About the only problem is AT&T still hasn’t restored wireless.
We had power almost all day yesterday, other than during the two short power losses kept internet whole day. Lost power several times overnight, lost internet sometime overnight. Kept power all day, finally got internet back around 9pm tonight. Lost cell around 10am today, other parts of town are still good, we’ve only have 2 bars currently, usually 4 inside house.
It's like 34 degrees outside (Celcius) and I would rather eat a fresh turd than go out under that sun.

I saw pictures of the middle of the night in Death Valley and it was 115 F.


Fuck that. Dying of heat stroke in the dead of night sounds like a blast.


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Fuck all the Texas politicians and billionaires who allowed the power grid to fail this badly and take so long to repair.

I've got power, and cell reception, so that makes me one of the lucky ones. Entergy still doesn't have an estimate for areas close enough that even my chronically ill ass could walk to them. Just a vague promise of most customers probably having power before July 14th. Holy shit, potentially a week without power for areas a few hundred yards from an 8 lane highway? That's fucking absurd! I was a week without power after Ike, but that was in a nearly rural area that was still developing.

Centerpoint is saying that this is the biggest outage they've ever had, and that's really saying something when Ike and Harvey did so much more damage to everything else. I don't think there's any valid excuse for the current state of Texas's electrical grid.

EDIT: Just got cable internet back while I was writing this rant on my phone.
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I took the last half of the day off to pick up Ralph and get him out of the house. Took him to tractor supply and let him smell all the animal food. Man, I should have taken him there as a puppy more often. I got the most female attention in one day than I have in years.

Then, an hour after we got back the power finally came back on.
Makes perfect sense when looked at from an electrical standpoint. The electrical grid between all the downtown stuff is much more protected and hardened to the elements, so less had to happen to get it back up and going. Almost all the rest of the greater Houston area has elevated and exposed transmission wires. Easily taken down by falling trees, strong winds, and downed poles. I’ve never understood why Houston hasn’t worked harder toward getting the utilities moved underground.


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I *think* the answer may ahve something to do with money. Or maybe greed. Possibly disinterest. Also, money.
It's also about politics. While the primary reason that energy companies are allowed to do a terrible job is because it makes them, and the politicians they bribe, a lot of money, there's also a certain level of Republicans wanting to screw over Democrats and minorities.

Exclusive: Lina Hidalgo refutes Dan Patrick’s claims that she did not request aid for Harris County for Hurricane Beryl

The short version is that Texas Governor Greg Abbott left the country before the storm hit, and acting governor Dan Patrick didn't know established procedure, and now Republicans are trying to slander any Democrat involved. They do this every fucking time a natural disaster hits. The news covers Houston, because that's where most of the people are, and the Republicans at the state level blame Democrats at the city/county level, despite the fact that the areas surrounding Houston, which are largely Republican controlled, have it just as bad, if not worse, because of the state level decisions that have allowed the power grid to degrade into the sad state it currently is in. Yet, somehow the Republican voters in towns outside of Houston, in counties other than Harris, somehow think that their problems are being caused by Democrats.

I am so sick and tired of politicians intentionally sabotaging essential infrastructure.