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Welcome to Transformers Halforums! For those who are new, here’s a very brief history about who we are.

Halforums was originally the forum for the webcomic PvP. When that forum was removed without warning, we found each other again because we are, and have always been, a close community that has built lasting friendships. That’s what I hope to encourage and cultivate here.

The Transformers sub forum will be a place to discuss all things Transformers - the toys, movies, comics - you name it, it’ll be here. If it’s not, bring it in!

Halforums is a moderated forum with zero tolerance for harassment. This has always been a place to enjoy the things we enjoy. If, at any point, you experience harassment, please report the abuse or alert me (or any other mod). We’ve got your back. That crap doesn’t fly here.

So introduce yourselves! What parts of the fandom do you enjoy?
I really enjoyed the 1986 movie, the bayformers were ok, I loved the Prime series, and just enjoy collecting the figures. Unfortunately I've run out of space for more at the moment.
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Long time fan of the 80s cartoon, the movie, the comics and the toys. The first toys I bought with my own money were the Generation 2 toys released in Germany. Over the last 30 years I looked now and then into the franchise and got the toys and comics that looked interesting and my budget allowed.