[Thread Game] #Whamageddon2021 - WHAM FREE DIE HARDER

For those of you who forgot Last Christmas already...


So - Who's In?

NOTE: The Bonus Rule for our purposes is to post here when and where you got sent to Whamhalla.
I won last year because of Covid. I imagine I'll win this year because of the same. I don't go anywhere, and I only listen to things I actively click on, so I'm not going to be proud of my win. It's like playing on easy mode.
I got Whammed last week but that was pre-December so I'm not out yet right? My first thought on hearing it was "Already? Really? It's still November dammit!", my second thought was "oh no, the poor shop staff" but I was back in the same shop today & they weren't playing Christmas music so hopefully whoever had it playing last week was told to stop & given a well deserved beating.
You know, the first year I lasted a really long time, but I was unhappy because I couldn't listen to my Xmas music with abandon. Last year, skipping this was no pressure. Now I can't decide if I want the stress or not.
Has anyone done a mashup of this with "Never Gonna Give You Up?" It sounds like they'd go together, and it would be the ultimate Christmas grenade.

The hotel lobby music has officially switched over to the "Holiday selection". I don't know what the playlist includes, but I have not heard Last Christmas yet. Course knowing my luck the moment I do discover if it's on the list I'll already be out.