What are you playing?

Finally started playing Mass Effect 1 again... wow, it's been 2 years since i stopped after the first mission (Eden Prime?).
Getting back into Pokemon, with some hardcore strategizing, breeding, and EV training. I got on Battle Revolution a week ago (for the first time in a year) and my time was doing ass against all the psychotic strategies people have cooked up since Platinum came out, and I honestly haven't tried to make a competitive team in 3 years. So I'd like to have something decent to fight with, since I'm getting Soul Silver next weekend and starting from the beginning of that game is going to take up more DS time than team-building.
Finally got Mass Effect 2. Love it. Kinda wish surveying was more interesting, though. Already going to have to play through it again since

I didn't know if you did sidequesting before you left for the Collector Ship, your crew would die. I got there in time to save half of them but Kelly died. Also, Legion got shot in the head after clearing up the tunnel route for me. Just got to the part where you have a biotic walking with you to keep the bugs away while you try and get to your secondary group (which Thane is leading).
Well, I was a busy boy in the last week. I finished Mass Effect 2 and Tales of Monkey Island.

I'm currently working on a game that I've had forever but never really dove into Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. I downloaded it on steam when there was a sale and pretty much forgot I ever had it. Aside from it being easier than falling off a log, it's not that bad.


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Started Chrono Trigger, FINALLY. The fella's been trying to get me to play it for the 6 years we've been together. He finally just broke down and got it for my DS so I'd have it whenever I wanted, not just at his place. So far so good. Correction--so far so great.
Started Chrono Trigger, FINALLY. The fella's been trying to get me to play it for the 6 years we've been together. He finally just broke down and got it for my DS so I'd have it whenever I wanted, not just at his place. So far so good. Correction--so far so great.
As big a fan as I am of villains, CT is ALL about the "Frog!"
I'm splitting my time between Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Pokemon Gold. Zelda has been pretty fun, except for the 3rd light world boss. Holy crap I can't imagine what they were thinking when designing that.

Gold is the first pokemon game I've ever played, so i'm still kind of getting used to it. It's kinda fun but I find myself skipping a everything that i can. I don't know if it's a game feature or what but I can speed everything up by pressing a certain button and I'll do that for a lot of the battles. I mean, I don't really care to find out what's supper effective or what's not very effective (especially when it still takes out a good portion of my HP). It's been pretty simple and unless I just chose the wrong type to battle this type of pokemon I can do all right. I have noticed that it seems like if I lose one, I'm going to lose several in a fight. I may switch to either allow a different one to get some XP or I think it's a good move because of the type differences, and the one I switch to will die to a powerful attack, so I'll switch back to one that is one of my stronger ones but maybe a little weak from the last round, and he'll die too. After that it's just be throwing my weaker pokemon to their death one at a time as my opponent uses their most powerful attack over and over from the start. And I swear to god if my ratatat dies one more time I'm going to feed it to my pidgeodo who can actually do something useful.


I've been playing WarioLand: the Shake Dimension. Nice little playformer with absolutely beautiful 2D graphics and animation. I defeated the final boss a few days ago and now I'm trying to 100% it, but all the secret levels are a lot harder than the rest of the game.
Anno 1404 Venice.

Surprisingly, the newly added multiplayer works really well. So far anyway. Fun option is to play with each other on the same nation. So in this first game we're trying that out, I'm handling the Orient, well my housemate is doing the Western side.
Been playing Grand Theft Auto IV off and on since I bought it a few weeks ago.

But there's one mission that's giving me endles headaches: "No.1"; a racing mission giving to you by Brucie. And cripes, I just can't do it. I hate racing missions in general, but with the way the driving controls are set up in this game (any turn you take causes a huge tire-squeeling out of control swerve), I just can't beat it.

I'm seriously tempted to ask a fellow Halforumer on here to take a copy of my saved game and kick that mission's ass for me.
That mission took me a couple tries too, Nick. The only real advice I can give you is to remember that regular GTA rules apply to races too, so feel free to smash out your driver side window and shoot every racer ahead of you through their windshield. :)

I dunno if you're doing that already, but keep at it. Alternatively, try starting the mission during the middle of the night, as there will be slightly less civilian traffic to get in your way.
Honestly, it's all about practicing the car physics. I suggest getting 3-4 stars and just try running from the cops for a good chunk of time. You'll learn.


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Gametap just added Titan Quest to their list of 64-bit compatible titles. I might start playing again now that I don't have to reboot into XP to do so.
The recent Portal update inspired me to download Portal: Prelude.

Dear God this thing is hard...
I officially hate you now. I'd never heard of this mod until you mentioned it.

My GOD it's hard.[/QUOTE]

I know, right? I hate me too now!

I thought the Flash Map Pack was hard enough, but this is even harder. Though it's hard in a different way, the Flash Map Pack was hard in that you had to figure out how to solve each puzzle, Portal: Prelude's challenge tends to come from precision portal placement and timing.


Well, I *would* continue replaying HL2 but it seems my game saves didn't go with my Steam backup. :/

You'd think that when my games get backed up, the save files would be included in that... Where are they kept, anyway?!

Well, at least my Gamecube games don't lose their save files. I've been playing the original Animal Crossing lately. I love it and hate it at the same time, and can't stop playing it...
You can edit one of the files on Half-Life 2 to open up all chapters; and then begin from whatever chapter you left off on. That's what I did when I lost my save files.
Dear God this thing is hard...
My GOD it's hard.
Sounds like my prom night! (or this past Friday night; hey-oh!)

I beat Infamous recently. I'd rented it a few months ago and beat most of it, save for maybe two missions. The last boss was deceptively hard until I realized the only power that really worked on him was my generic first-power blam-blam-blam power. Kind of a let down in that sense.

I've also given Uncharted a second chance. I played it once before and honestly, the combat pissed me off with the endless amount of badguys and the duck/shoot combat that grinds the story to a halt. But I'm percevering and slowly making it through (dying many times). My favourite parts are the Tomb Raider-like ledge jumping or the ancient tomb puzzle solving (which sadly has only happened once so far). Still, I am kinda digging it, even if the story is slow as hell to develop. The shooting part of the game on the back of the jeep was the best part so far and now I'm at the slightly frustrating jetski portion.
DSi XL pre-ordered. Now I just have to sit and patiently wait to play my new Scribblenaughts and Mario Kart DS.

It's just two weeks...it's just two weeks...it's just two weeks....
I've been diving back into GTA IV. I finally decided to give up my non-violent, "I'm not gonna kill people randomly for money" ways and have been killing the hell out of anyone who is out of the range of a cop. Weapons ammo doesn't buy itself, you know.
Been continuing to play Uncharted, much to my frustration. Even though I'm nearly at the end, I'm honestly just tired of the game and might sell it soon.

That said why the hell does the game suddenly become Resident Evil?! Weird creatures popping up and slashing at me? WTF?

Kitty Sinatra

Because that's what Far Cry did. Though there was probably something before that that also did it, Uncharted is a Far Cry homage. Or "homage" if you prefer

I'm totally smurfing sick of games that are normal shooters turning into wannabe supernatural fright fests.
Uhhh.... I haven't played them, but isn't Uncharted about as far away from Far Cry as you can get? If it was an homage to anything, I understand it would be Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones. Both of which had supernatural stuff happen towards the ends of them.

Kitty Sinatra

Pretty landscape, bright shirt. That's all I actually know about Uncharted.


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Modded psp was stolen, so I had to go get a used one and re-mod it. Finally all set with that, back to playing Star Ocean: The Second Story (man, I hate restarting an rpg when I am a good chunk into it).

As stated before, I loved this game on the psp, and still do now. Hot damn, good times.
Uhhh.... I haven't played them, but isn't Uncharted about as far away from Far Cry as you can get? If it was an homage to anything, I understand it would be Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones. Both of which had supernatural stuff happen towards the ends of them.
Well actually...



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I started Fable: The Lost Chapters yesterday. So far the interface seems really clunky and I'm wondering if that's going to keep me from getting into the game. I'll give it a few more hours, but if I keep feeling like I'm fighting the controls I'm going to give up (it's on Gametap, so no loss).
Okay, I'm giving up on Fable. It's got some interesting points, but overall I'm struggling with the interface more than I'm enjoying the game. It really has a poorly designed menu system, the camera is awful, combat isn't horrible but it's awkward and overall it just feels like there are too many ideas stuffed into one game, and very few of them have had enough time spent making them work right.
I'm loving Pokemon Soul Silver. The stylus controls are just what was missing from the 2007 releases.

Batman: Arkham Asylum... I don't care if it runs slow, or you can just mouse-click rapidly without effort through the battles. It's got Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil. It's like getting more of the animated series... That makes me so damn happy.
Played the opening of Red Faction: Guerilla last night.... EVERY GAME NEEDS TO HAVE THE SAME DESTRUCTIBLE BUILDINGS SYSTEM RIGHT NOW... that thing is seriously ill son.