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The great thing about inscryption is that it does a great job of showing why people love card games. It presents you with a relatively simple game design, locks you within it, and then forces you to break it if you are going to advance.

... and then you get past the first level
Part of me wants to and part of me is burned out. And then there's my two favorite classes having rubbish starter sets and all that and ugh.
Oooh I didn’t know D2 had seasons!

I play on the PS5 now. I can have my simulated violence while being lazy in my electric blanket covered in cats.

(That was my worst post ever. So many $&#% typos)
I've hopped back onto my MUD recently. I'm starting to think some of the developers on this MUD don't have the faintest clue about game design.

I recently advanced my character to the point where I got a new defensive power. Let's call it "Shield". There are two variants to this power, Default Shield and Adaptive Shield. This MUD has 10 different damage types (eg. edged, blunt, heat, cold, acid, radiation, etc.). Default Shield gives me, let's say, +50 defense against every damage type. Adaptive Shield gives me +20 defense against every damage type, but as I take damage from a damage type, my defense against that damage type will gradually rise.

This sounded great to me until I learned recently that Adaptive Shield's defense has a cap. How much is the cap? Why, it's +50 of course. In other words, I could use Adaptive Shield to eventually get an equivalent defense boost in one damage type to the Default Shield, or I could just use the Default Shield and get a +50 damage for every damage type right off the bat.

Who the hell thought this would be good design?
Since Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming out in just two month I try to finish Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'm at the start of chapter 7 right now.


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When you've been struggling to min-max your party's synergy with wagons taking up 3 formation slots... and realize you have inadvertently (but happily) made your entire party female (yes, the Dragonkin is female too):


I just unlocked Vlahnya today, and something didn't sit right...




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It says right there that it damages a random enemy.
That means it's not "direct."

Which would also be against the manual definition. It's definitely a targeted spell that can move a 10 pound object 30 feet in 6 seconds.

Also it's kind of ridiculous they couldn't think of any other attack for a character to use than to misuse a cantrip off-label. I mean, even my other bard uses Vicious Mockery.
I picked up Jurassic World: Evolution on Humble Bundle recently, and I gave it a shot today.

Overall it seems like a solid enough park building game, though I feel like its mechanics are wide but also shallow. Find fossils, research them, build and upgrade, rinse and repeat. It's fine for me, because I'm in it for the building, but I can imagine some people might find this kind of gameplay to be a bit too superficial.

And, of course, I opened my enclosure of carnivores and allowed them to devour park guests at the first opportunity.
Update on Jurassic World: Evolution.

Velociraptors are assholes and I've decided, after three breakouts and around a dozen devoured parkgoers, that I'm not going to keep velociraptors any more.
You what's great? Playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and then losing 1,5 hour of progress because the game brigged itself thanks to a bug in the menu.

And of course there is no auto save.

It's like a more polished Valheim and I'm loving it so far. The building is definitely less customizable but I think overall looks better and is infinitely less clunky.
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I accidentally killed death at the end of a stage of Vampire Survivors with the new weapon combo and I unlocked Red Death as a character and he's completely broken. Not an achievement though but just a random discovery.