Whats for Dinner?



The Breakfest thread made me wonder... and hungry too.

So Whats for Dinner?

Im making homemade cracked pepper pasta with Meatballs.


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a baked sweet potato and salad

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with avocado and tuna


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Parents were in town, so we went out to eat. Deepdish pizza with pepperoni, chicken and barbecue sauce, with foccaccia bread as appetizer.

Tomorrow I plan to make chicken risotto.
anyone have any idea for a side?
Garlic, thyme, and basil, and glaze some olive oil over chopped potatoes. Put in oven, and bake until crispy.

Steam some carrots, broccli, cauliflower, again add a bit of basil to the carrots, it brings out the sweetness in the carrots. Opt. add butter after they're finished.


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AGGGGHHH Fuck you guys now I'm hungry! Again!

Spaghetti is sounding excellent right now. Hopefully I'll be in the mood for it later and my spaghetti sauce won't have a nice blue film over it.


lol the forum must just be hungry today.

I will probably have tuna on crackers for dinner.
chili from scratch is freaking easy as pie. You don't need any special cooking skills..just plenty of the correct ingredients.

Then again, I'm from Texas...chili here is a staple food.

I was giong to make sirloin beef tips in mushroom sauce tonight, but the sirloin didn't get put out in time to thaw. I'll be making it sunday, instead.

I have no idea what i'm making tonight yet. I'll probably just drop by the store on the way home, pick a theme ingredient, and iron chef it.


man now i want risotto and all i have is tuna.

This is a thread of pain.

Wasabi Poptart

Risottos intimidate me :( That and chili from scratch.
Chili is pretty easy. I made it for the first time as my final exam in a cooking class I took in high school (needed elective credits and learning to cook made sense to me). What you need is a good recipe for the style of chili you like.

Risotto I tried making once. It came out very gluey. We still ate it though.

As to the OP, I'm either making london broil or ravioli.
Boyfriend made some REALLY AWESOME spaghetti sauce all day yesterday... and whether he wants it or not, WE ARE HAVING SPAGHETTI AGAIN TONIGHT!!!!



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Boyfriend made some REALLY AWESOME spaghetti sauce all day yesterday... and whether he wants it or not, WE ARE HAVING SPAGHETTI AGAIN TONIGHT!!!!

Leftover spaghetti, put in some shredded cheese and heat. When done top it with Parmesan. Yummy!
Risottos intimidate me :( That and chili from scratch.
First time I made it, you could have used it to lay bricks.[/quote]

is this good or bad, I haven't ever eaten risotto, they just talk about it on top chef a lot[/QUOTE]
The thing with risotto is that you really have to pay attention to it while it is cooking. It can take a couple tries before you get the hang of how and when to add more broth, but it's worth it in the long run. A risotto with grilled Ahi tuna marinated in a mustard dill sauce and some kind of green vegetable on the side is a fantastic dinner.

Today is one of my long school days though, which means I'll end up just getting something from the Burger King in the student union. :eek:hwell:
Speaking of food glue....

One year for some big holiday (Thanksgiving, I think), my dad's side of the family had all gotten together at my grandmother's house. Well, Grandma couldn't find her potato masher so she decided to just whip up the mashed potatoes in the blender. I swear to God you could have hung wallpaper with it afterward.

Then, naturally, my dad found the potato masher sitting on the counter where she had left it while he was cleaning up the kitchen. :blue: