Excuse me, "runed" isn't even a bonus word?
And somehow "gran" was downgraded from a regular word to a bonus word, and Marlin is only a bonus word, too....Yeah, sometimes I really don't understand their choices. I know, based on a dictionary, blahblah, but some words are just weirdly not included or "normal" while being anything but.
I played https://squaredle.com 06/07:
56/56 words (+8 bonus words)
In the top 35% by accuracy
Solve streak: 5

I guess the star by the words means you guys didn't use hints? Screw that. I use them alla time because I don't like to spend forever on these damn things lol
Yeah, the star means "no hints". I try to do it without, though I've had to use alphabetical order and/or "show some letters" for some of the hardest ones too.