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    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Pokemon gen 4 remakesp Pokemon free roaming game Pokemon Snap It's so beautiful.
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    Happy Holidays, Halforums!

    I hope everyone has a lovely day! ❤️
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    Video Game News and Miscellany

    If it helps ease anyone's conscience, since WB already paid for the licensing rights to Harry Potter, they do not have to pay individual royalties on the game. JKR has already made all she's going to make off of it. So you can check it out or not, it won't affect he either way. *transitions back...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    But I wanted to be wrong and that should count for something. :(
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    The EPIC WIN Thread 3: SON OF EPIC

    Congratulations, Bubble!!!
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    "What are you reading?" thread.

    They've done studies. Our brains treat it the same. Listening to an audiobook is reading; you're good.
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    [News] The USA Police State will never satisfy its lust for beating, gassing, and imprisoning minorities

    Word is that some of the men patrolling the White House are prison guards shipped in from elsewhere. Things were less tense on Friday because everyone was on either side of the baby gate, but I haven't looked into how things went yesterday.
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    What are you playing?

    Resident Evil 3: very stressful, and very short. It was good, but I'm glad it was a rental.
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    36, Bitches!

    This necro is causing strange distortions on our perceptions of each other.
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    36, Bitches!

    I hope something happens later today that you can enjoy a little, even if for just a moment.