I played https://squaredle.com 04/02:
*32/32 words (+21 bonus words)
In the top 2% by bonus words
Solve streak: 53

Once again, I got fire and I got fighter quite early on, but I didn't get firefighter until near the end.
I think I like these special puzzles more.
I said earlier that I preferred the regular squares since these special shapes usually don't allow as much combinations, but I will say I really liked this one - hard but not too hard, and with some surprising options.
Overall, I just prefer the ones that are well-made. Every letter meaningful, some words beyond the standard daily fare, without just making the whole puzzle about one quirk and just whatever else happens to be around,...
I wonder if there's a decent semi automated way to make these or if they're done semi-by-hand.
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Oh, also, I thought today's bonus words should definitely have been a regular word.