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    Video Game News and Miscellany

    Broke my wizard security dongle a year and change ago.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Yep, the local Health Dept put out a notice that infections from the first week of July to this/last week went from 7 to 71. I just wish 'Muricans and their screeching about their FREEDOMS!!! didn't their use their FREE DUMBS.
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    Get Better Saul
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    [Brazelton] A-how, how, how Dusty Hill at 72
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    Why didn't you have pet cow or alpaca so that I could have known this joy?
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    [News] US Capitol Siege 6 January 2021

    I'm definitely of the mind of ACAB but this was a good mic drop
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    Biden 1st term

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    A Loki Place for Spoilers
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    Biden 1st term

    Annnnnnddddd, Just stump the stupidity when the morons show up with what they've said instead of engaging . . . . They should have been doing this shit when Obama was in office.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    it's their kids and people that are immuno compromised around them that I really truly feel sorry for.
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    [Music] Metal Thread

    Samurai Eddie and the Four HorseEddies of the Apocolypse.
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    [Music] Metal Thread

    Those guys still have it, I just wish that they would have had a song or two with John Bush. Sound of White Noise had some killer tracks. *Doesn't hurt for the Twin Peaks reference*
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    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    The Muppet Show was a Pre-cursor to the Animaniacs. Lots of subtle adult humor *not raunchy necessarily* but on the surface family friendly. The Christopher Reeve episode is a prime example.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    After a year and a half of this shit, Anti-vaxxers are incubators for mutations and I honestly wouldn't give a damn if they died *life long after effects would be a drain on other people's access to healthcare*, it's their kids and people that are immuno compromised around them that I really...
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    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    40 watt bulbs that think they're spotlights.