April Fools 2021


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A thread for any good April Fools jokes.

Usually DeSinc does videos showing off game breaking tricks in Half-Life, so it was nice to see him show off some tips and tricks for real life.



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Volpin Props.... NOOOOO!

EDIT: This is an example of a not funny post. Hope no one gets injured or killed if they don't realize this is a joke.
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My buddy's game company had me really worried until I followed the links

It's a rickroll
Volkswagon :facepalm:

So VW is going full electric drive train by 2030?

As a April fools they released a press release on Tuesday they would rebrand on Thursday as Voltswagon.

People loved it and their stock surged! Forcing the finance and lawyer types to panic and cancel the joke on Wednesday.
TBH my rec center made the most soul crushing prank for me this year, because it was about building a cat park. The amount of people in the comments who were like "But can this please be real?" was amusing.