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It's not embezzlement or a crime or anything sexy like that. CPC leadership knew and approved it. This was the powers of the CPC fed up with Scheer not resigning, leaking this to the news and forcing him out. There is no positive spin to this story and they leaked it early enough to be forgotten by the next election.

Most damning insult I've seen thus far is , "Huh, well now Scheer is interesting. "
Gov of Alberta just fired 25000 employees, mostly education staff. Our province will be in fucking ruins when this is done. Oh they're still building a pipeline to ship our 3 dollars a barrel garbage though for over a billion dollars and we're still spending 30 million a year for Kenneys warroom. Literally the worst government Alberta's ever had.
Look like they are just kicking the buck to the feds. 25000 lay offs, feds pay you now no questions asked, taked those freed up funds and dump them into healthcare. Kinda greasy Kenney, making love to JT like that.
It's hilarious, see a lot of love for how Doug fucking Ford is handling it in Ontario, but none of that here. Kenney is shit. Kenney is shitter than Doug fucking Ford. What a fucking joke.
Sorry, I know I’m not a political poster.
I know you're Canadian, but it's all right. You can be outraged at this one. It's perfectly justified.
All across North America, nobody wants to let go of the money-making contracts they worked so hard to engineer and ram through government, even if it means losing money and/or killing the future.

Kenney's going full Trump and just fucking lying.

Nope. Wasn't a thing.

Glad we'll have spent 7 billion dollars for a pipeline to ship our *check's current prices* 4.90 a barrel oil that no company will ever be willing to dig up because that's a ludicrously small price at the cost of TWENTY FIVE FUCKING THOUSAND education jobs.

Oh, he's bitching about how much we pay medical staff in Alberta too, you know, DURING A GLOBAL FUCKING PANDEMIC.

The WORST government Alberta's ever had.


I hope this pandemic kills every Albertan.

The provincial Conservatives here have voted to give cabinet ministers sweeping authority to write any laws they wish without debate.

NEAT. This is the same thing the CPC flew into a huff over the federal government trying to do (for good reason, it's horseshit garbage).
I suspect it will be days before we know the full extent. It was a killing spree spread out over 12 hours and 100 km. Death toll rose today to 18 victims.

RCMP update at 2 PM.

During a pandemic. Thanks UNITED CONSERVATIVE PARTY. As always, excellent governing you pieces of inhuman shit.
HA HA HA! COOL! These pieces of shit are trying to wrest control of our federal pensions from the federal government too! Literally the most inept government Alberta has ever had.

These pieces of shit hijacked control of the teachers' pension and then this happens suddenly.

Alberta is going to be a Mad Max wasteland with 100% unemployment by the time Kenney's first term is done.
I can kind of understand how a lot of Americans feel. It's just a daily constant barrage of both incompetence and villainous kleptocracy here in Alberta.
You left out the part about how the people in the positions that supposedly oversee this shit are responding to the public outcry with all the speed and efficacy of an elevator's "Close Door" button.



Your party has already proven that literally nothing you currently say means anything and you will walk back any deal you make on a hat. You've legislated yourselves the power to renege on any contracts you make. There is zero faith in any negotiations with you. You are literally the worst Conservative government Alberta has ever had in the last half century of almost total Conservative rule.

The doctor that looked after my grandma for 20 years and is still my aunt's doctor is leaving their rural community, dozens of rural communities are without or losing their family doctors. This is such a massive hit to the welfare of the people in the province that may be impossible to come back from.
The definition of Fiduciary said:
A fiduciary relationship encompasses the idea of faith and confidence and is generally established only when the confidence given by one person is actually accepted by the other person. Mere respect for another individual's judgment or general trust in his or her character is ordinarily insufficient for the creation of a fiduciary relationship. The duties of a fiduciary include loyalty and reasonable care of the assets within custody. All of the fiduciary's actions are performed for the advantage of the beneficiary.
Clearly this was not the case here, and someone is no doubt about to be roasted for it.


Northern Alberta communities are flooding in the spring melt and instead of requesting help from the feds in order to mobilize military assistance, the UPC are sitting on their thumbs waiting so they can take photo ops up there and making sure help takes longer so there's no way the feds can look good in the situation. This fucking government is the actual worst.
Debated putting this in the gun thread, but it's more Canada.

Trudeau announces ban on 1500+ types of "assault-style" firearms.
(link to full list)
There will be a 2yr amnesty period to allow people who currently own the newly-banned weapons to dispose of them for "fair compensation" (which has yet to be decided).
The rest of the world is watching, Canada.

In other news, Americans just got excited to buy over 1500 types of gently used assault rifles.